2016 = 139 Completed Pieces

My hobby output for 2016.

#1 - #3: Chaos Warriors

#1 – #3: Chaos Warriors

#4 - #8: Ninja

#4 – #8: Ninja

#9: Ronin

#9: Ronin

#10 - #12: Ronin

#10 – #12: Ronin

#13 - #16: Samurai, Ninja, Orc

#13 – #16: Samurai, Ninja, Orc

#17 - #18: Dragon, Dragonette (links to Scale Creep)

#17 – #18: Dragon, Dragonette (links to Scale Creep)

#20: Michaelangelo

#19: Michaelangelo

#20 - #21: Mizuki, Ryuhime, Sorceress and Apprentice

#20 – #21: Mizuki, Ryuhime, Sorceress and Apprentice

#22 - #33: Treasure

#22 – #33: Treasure

#34 - #36: Dwarf Ninja, Halfling Ashiguru, Dog

#34 – #36: Dwarf Ninja, Halfling Ashiguru, Dog

#?: Mikey Graham (links to Scale Creep)

#37: Mikey Graham (links to Scale Creep)

#?: PlastCraft Buildings. Not counted against tally.

#?: PlastCraft Buildings. Not counted against tally.

#38 - #111: Trees and Fences

#38 – #111: Trees and Fences

The trees are on the cusp of what I count as a “completed item” in my yearly tally really.  Sticking something to a base doesnt usually qualify, but these were a little more involved than similar projects.
The memory of the long evenings spent gluing flock and applying texture and washes etc is still close enough for me to regard prepping those as work.  So they count.
The fences were assembled, painted and based so they certainly count.

#112: Daidarabotchi

#112: Daidarabotchi

# - # : Yūrei Raidā

#113 – #118 : Yūrei Raidā

#119 - #120: Blot and Slop

#119 – #120: Blot and Slop

#121: Knight Questor Paulo Ringseeker of the White Chamber of Justified Ancients

#121: Knight Questor Paulo Ringseeker of the White Chamber of Justified Ancients

#122 - #123: Skaven Deathrunners

#122 – #123: Skaven Deathrunners

#124: The Heroquest Dwarf/The White Dwarf (links to Scale Creep)

#125: Scabastian "Scabby" Ballswinger, Gorechosen of Khorne

#125: Scabastian “Scabby” Ballswinger, Gorechosen of Khorne (links to Scale Creep)

#124: Ogroid Thaumaturge

#126: Ogroid Thaumaturge

#127 - #132: Tzaangor (three of six shown)

#127 – #132: Tzaangor (three of six shown)

#131 - #136: Cirripods

#133 – #138: Cirripods

#139: Xmas Dryad (links to Scale Creep)

So thats about one hundred models, plus about forty terrain elements, applying the Gimli System of measurement.  It could be better, and it could be worse.

The cherry trees feel a bit like a cheat, but they took an age to finish, so they count.

The total is less than I had hoped, but real life was a bit messier than usual this year, which was the main issue I think.  The second half of the year was far less productive than the first too.  I will have to keep an eye on that, see if its a pattern that I can break.

Pleasingly, a number of the 2016 weekends that I would have spent painting were taken up with meeting and gaming with various enthusiastic hobby folk, many of whom I have met largely through this blog.  There is no better reason to miss some painting time than to actually use the little guys in games with mates.  See you all again this year I hope!

I tried a few different techniques and approaches last year, some of which worked better than others, but there was definite progress.  I worked on upping the photography aspect a bit too, with mixed results but an improvement overall I think.

I painted a hell of a lot of purple.  2016 was a pretty purple year.

The tallies for previous years are listed below and they each link to a previous summary year, for any of you are interested.

2015 = 129 finished items
2014 = 144 finished items
2013 = 192 finished items
2012 = 159 finished items
2011 = 145 finished items

I am hopeful that 2017 will be more productive.  Fingers crossed.


30 Responses

  1. Even though your total is down, that’s a tremendous years output. If I broke 100 this year I’d be delighted. The Silver Tower minis are among my favourite, the knight questor in particular.

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    • Thanks Mr S!

      2016 was ups and downs for me.

      Knight Questor Ringseeker was a definite “up” 🙂 I want Paulo to smack some of your guys upside the head in AoS in the not to distant future too. Maybe not later this year…but maybe.


  2. Impressive! Somehow I missed the Giant Floating Scrotum, I’m glad it was posted here for my edification.

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  3. That’s the first time I’ve seen your Daidarabotchi! Well done. I myself am sitting pretty on ninety-six.

    Have you got plans for any of the other Turtles? Please please please.

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    • Ninety six works of art too. A compiled post of your output would be great to see Curis.

      The other three TMNT are each partly painted already. They are high up the to do list too, so before the end of the year I hope.

      After late 2016s slump, Im only painting what I want to paint right now for a while. What I *should* paint will have to wait for a while, until I get my proper painting mojo back.

      Thanks for the feedback!


  4. Some of my faves of 2016 right here… I love the Shonin Knives project – something about that green just makes me happy 🙂

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    • Thanks Alex! The Shonen Knives were a big success, definitely. I intend to add many more to the project.

      Im glad that you like the green. Its one of those colours that I come back too regularly. Im not sure exactly why, but acid green is something that I am particularly happy to paint.

      With a bit of luck you might see some of them in hand at BOYL 2017 maybe.

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  5. Very impressive and fairly consistant output. Thinking about it I finished exactly one miniature last year for the miniature exchange. The clear focus was on terrain for me. I did a lot of conversions, though. I still think this needs to be changed. Your example shall inspire me. I can’t see myself producing such high quality paintjobs in a few days, but I could aim for a miniature a week. That would make a dent in the plastic and lead mountain.

    What really strikes me is that all of your miniatures are of a really high standard, feature visually pleasing colour schemes and throughout cover very diverse and interesting subjects. All this makes your blog one of my favourite ones to read and get inspired by. I look forward to 2017 and all the goodness that will come forth!

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    • Thats extremely nice of you to say daggerandbrush, thank you.

      I tend to paint to a consistent standard more or less regardless. I am planning to try to crank out a few more rapidly painted models soon though, so it will be interesting to see the difference in time taken and quality.

      Progress is a little better so far this year so far. Hopefully it will be a little more even and consistent. Im delighted that you are interested in seeing more.


      • You are very welcome. I would be really interested to learn about your painting process, too. I assume you take between two and three days per miniature to get to this output per year, but how many hoirs do you spent on one? I feel I never quite get enough done during my hobby time. I admit, sometimes I change the colour scheme half way through, add an elaborate base or experiment with a new technique, but given your results are consistently excellent I wonder if I waste time with a step or overcomplicate things. So the question is, how do you manage your time per mini?

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        • I manage my time badly is the answer. I am imprecise and I gauge how long things take poorly even all these years and miniatures later.

          I find it very difficult to say how long it takes me to paint a miniature really. Im a very easily distracted sort of person and I tend to work on various different things simultaneously. I also seem to spend an awful lot of time sitting at the painting table, not painting.

          I painted Chompers over the course of about a week, a few hours in the evenings and a bit longer on Saturdays and Sunday. I also worked on other models while Chompers was drying and when I felt like working on other things.

          I do change colour schemes a little during the process sometimes, but it tends to be more about putting the colours from that established palette on different areas. Chompers black shoulder pad areas were khaki nearly all the way through for example, but as time went on I thought that they would frame the model better in black. That sort of thing.

          I hope that some of that is of a little help at least.


  6. A VERY purple year. Impressive output man! I love the ninja turtle and the long green dragon.

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  7. Keep up the good work sir,you far surpassed by output.

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  8. Great output Paul, I managed a third of that! Great seeing them all together, and the floating scrotum would be great even without the FD connection.

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    • I am a man of simple tastes Mikko.

      Give me a miniature, giant, floating, grinning scrotum with a soul patch and I can keep myself entertained for seconds, even minutes.

      Getting to fight my ninja against your pirates was a gaming highlight of the year 🙂

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      • A rematch is definitely in order later this year, when I move to Dublin, grow a huge beard and start sporting my huge green hat.

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        • You will blend in, ninja like with the natives.

          Should I be able to locate you in the Aran jumper, Kiss Me I’m Irish shirt swathed throngs a rematch is definitely going to happen.

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          • You need only to listen for the sound of my tin whistle and banjo for easy location.

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            • Banjo?!

              Banjos are about as Irish as Michael Flatley or Margaret Thatcher!

              Cultural exchange fail I’m afraid Mikko.

              If I didn’t know better I might think that you only have a perfunctory knowledge of our culture, skewed through the vastly distorted prism of popular culture!

              Regardless, if you follow the rainbow then I will be the small man with a twinkle in my eye sitting on a crock o’ gold. I will be drinking whiskey.

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  9. I haven’t done a full tally yet but I ‘think’ you and I may have tied scores last year! That would be pretty funny 😀

    Your 2016 project was fun and inspiring, and typically for me, I think the dragon was my favourite model, followed closely by the big rock monster 😀

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    • Tied in terms of tally numbers would be unusual. I like the two that you mention, although the rock monster tends to divide opinion a bit.

      Your own work improved in quality while still having impressive turnaround all year. It was a pleasure to watch 🙂


  10. […] 2016 = 139 Completed Pieces @ Sho3box – A picture-heavy post featuring one painter’s output for 2016.  I like the range of miniatures that have been painted and particularly like their Michaelangelo model, their Xmas Dryad and the Plastcraft buildings that make up their terrain board.  There’s a lot of cool minis on display and many miniatures that I have never seen before.  A really cool and visually interesting article! […]


  11. Beautiful work -well done

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