Geisha Princess Origami

“Help me Obi-San Shinobi.  You’re my only hope.”

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Test of Honour – Tested

PB and I got together for a weekend of testing each others honour with 28mm feudal Japanese miniatures.

Ancestry was besmirched, heads were divorced from bodies and many, many vocal impersonations of the sound of arterial spray filled the gaming dojo.

Samples of appropriate arterial spray sounds impersonated can be found in the clip of research material above.

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Knavecon 2017: Dragon Rampant

A handful of my gaming buddies and I got together at Knavecon recently.  Amongst other things, our Dragons Rampaged. Continue reading

Silver Tower: Ogroid Thaumaturge


The largest miniature in the Silver Tower boxed game is this rather threatening looking gent.

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Silver Tower: Deathrunner

Skaven Deathrunner

Skaven Deathrunner

Balding, bi-locating, ninja, ratman assassin(s).

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Silver Tower: Slop and Blot


The first two completed models for my Silver Tower project are these two Familiars, Blot (the book) and Slop (the fish).

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Silver Tower Project


Nothing defines the fantasy genre like a dungeoncrawl.

Huge battles with ranks of elves and trolls and the like are all well and good, but a sweaty barbarian kicking down a wooden door and murdering a load of goblins and stealing their wallets is genre defining like no pitched battle can ever be.

This is a bucket list desire for me.  So it was time for a Silver Tower project.

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Yūrei Raidā


I wanted some cavalry for my Shonen Knives force.  The first suitable figures that I got my hands on were these living impaired, mounted samurai from Slave 2 Gaming.

Fantasy battles dont look quite right to me unless they feature huge monsters and cavalry charges, so I needed some cav as a matter of priority.  Cavalry use a few rules in Dragon Rampant that make them extra interesting, so I decided to batch paint the six of these models together.

That was a mistake.  Six cavalry together is too large a group to paint at once for me, so it was hard work.  At least now that they are finished I have a full, six strong unit of Ghost Riders.  But I wont be painting cavalry models in multiples like that again any time soon.  Maybe two at a time, but thats it.

They are finally ready to get on the table and game with though, thats the main thing.


These figures – plus the recent daidarabotchi – is the first of six army submissions for a group project that I am part of on Facebook.

Those of you who remember the “Tale of Four Gamers” series from 90s White Dwarf (and recently resurrected on GW social media) will know the format.  It boils down to this: I have to have an armys worth or models painted over the next six months.  As Im painting figures for my Shonen Knives, with a plan to play some Dragon Rampant with them, Im dividing each month up into 4pts, making a total of 24pts, the standard size DR game.

The six horsemen plus the golem make 10pts, so I am ahead of schedule for now.  That gives some breathing space after painting those guys.



A recent trade with daggerandbrush got me this Reaper Bones Earth Elemental, so I painted it.

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Dog, Halfling Ashigaru and Dwarf Ninja


Three of the smallest Shonen Knives to date join the fray. Continue reading

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