Sci-fi Traffic


Sci-fi civilian vehicles: its like the 1950s, but in spaaace!

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Pulp Alley Apocalypse War (and PA40k)

PulpAlleyMC1vsEM1j I hosted a gaming weekend this weekend, with Just John, Mr Saturday and PB in attendance.  Pulp Alley games were centre stage, with one of the encounters including models from the Judgement Day project that Mr Saturday and I are currently engaged in. PulpAlleyMC1vsEM1t Continue reading

Execution Force


Four elite members of the Officio Assassinorum strut their stuff today.

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Judgement Day #9: Bat-glider

Batter1 Todays Judgement Day entry is a citizen turned perp via the accoutrements of his hobby, all the while rocking quite the moustache. Batter2 Continue reading



Well, looks like ol’ Roberto’s the focus of attention now! … STOP LOOKING AT ME!

Everybodys favourite escapee from the HAL Institute for Criminally Insane Robots today.


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Judgement Day #7: B0L7


My submission for Judgement Day #7 is B0L7, a Renegade Robot.

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