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Resident Evil 6

I tend to only post miniatures related stuff here.  Even then its really only miniatures stuff that is directly connected to me: my miniatures in other words, not notes about upcoming releases from X company or reviews of a TV show or whatever.  There is nothing wrong with doing that sort of thing of course, its just not what I want to do here.

So I am making a little bit of an exception with this post.

I have enjoyed video games for my whole life.  Video games have often been a large part of the inspiration for various miniatures related projects.

Of all of those influences the Resident Evil video game series (not the sub-par movies) has probably had the most impact on my toy soldiers, some of which can be seen here.  Of course the majority of my zombie stuff is connected too.

Therefore news that Resident Evil 6 is to be released in November is definitely worthy of note.

The viral marketing campaign site is nohopeleft.  The big release trailer, in all of its cheesy Bruckheimer glory is below.

That this game finally pairs up Leon (a man whose pithy lines are the only thing limper than his fringe) with Chris (the most frequently appearing male meatball character) is cheesy, bromantic, soap-opera gravy.

Leon has been re-based since this shot. He still has nightmares though.

With RE6 out in November, Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City out exactly one month from today plus Resident Evil Revelations out on Feb 7th (only on 3DS.  Boo!)  it looks like 2012 will be annus horribilis, for all the right reasons.


Judge Death

Judge Death

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Judge Mortis

Judge Mortis

The Dark Judges are foes of Judge Dredd that hail from “Deadworld”, an Earth like planet located in another dimension.  Like Dredd they are law enforcers but the Dark Judges laws are even more draconian than Mega City Ones famously strict codes: the Dark Judges eradicate all life in order to eradicate all crime. Continue reading

Mancave Upgrade Complete

I finally got my hobby room tidied up and functional again on Xmas eve.  It was driving me nuts because of the state of it for the last couple of months.

The room now looks like this:

Many if the items on the shelves need to be rearranged a little, into some sort of order but that can wait.  For now at least the room is operational again.

A knock on effect of this de-cluttering was that some actual miniature painting was completed over my Xmas break.  This was somewhat satisfying as I havent managed to finish painting a figure since last August.

Assuming that I get a half decent chance to take a few photos over the next while I will be able to start regularly posting here again.  The posts are all written, I just need to get the photos sorted.

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