I painted this beautifully sculpted model so that she could give Inquisitor Verhoeven and my other 40k skirmish types some close range fire support, but the model is suitable for use in a variety of games and settings. Continue reading


Avian Aliens

Avian Squad

Avian Squad

Every so often I see some miniatures and I decide that I have to have them.  That happened when I saw these goofy guys a month or so ago. Continue reading

DreadMill II – DreadBall Tournament


Infernal Fathers vs Mega City Judges

Aided by a couple of gaming cronies, I recently ran the DreadMill tournament, which went very well.  The follow up DreadBall tournament took place last weekend at the same venue. Continue reading

My Army in White Dwarf #259


White Dwarf #259

A blast from the past today.
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Tau Test Piece

Tau Fire Warrior test Piece

Tau Fire Warrior Test Piece

I have been promising myself some brightly coloured, vaguely anime inspired tau models since 2001 when the range first came out.  I have been picking up a few models here and there ever since (not forgetting a large donation from theottovonbismark last year) but this is the first tau that I have actually got around to painting. Continue reading

Rupture Farmers – DreadBall Judwan Team

The Rupture Farmers

The Rupture Farmers

Judwan are a disenfranchised pacifist alien race circumstantially forced to play DreadBall.  Their game style is a fast and nimble one that is exceptionally well suited to passing plays.  While judwan can wrong foot opponents with Feint/Misdirect, they cannot slam, foul or use the ball as a missile: judwan cannot inflict harm in any way. Continue reading

Mongoose Judges Recap

Mongoose Publishing have moved the production of their Judge Dredd range to Warlord Games.  I just joined their forum and wanted to put up some photos of my Judges which come form a few different manufacturers, but they only want photos of Warlord/Mongoose models, which is fair enough.

So I took a couple of photos of the Mongoose Justice Department figures that I have painted and am putting them up here, again.  I did actually modify the basing slightly since the last time, but to all intents and purposes this is a repost.

Mongoose Justice Dept 2013

Mongoose Justice Dept 2013

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Mee-Kel Judwan – DreadBall MVP

Mee-Kel Judwan

Mee-Kel Judwan

Mee-kel is the MVP associated with the judwan teams in DreadBall.  His name is a terrible pun relating to a famous basketball player. Continue reading

Q-Con / DreadBall Northern Ireland Regionals 2013


I made the 1000km+ road trip from West Cork to Belfast and back again last weekend.  The main motivation was to play DreadBall, but it also gave me an excuse to visit Belfast, a city that I had never been to before. Continue reading

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