Silver Tower: Knight Questor

Knight Questor Paulo Ringseeker of the Chamber of Justified Ancients

I had intended to paint the Tenebrael Shard or the Dark Aelf Assassin for my upcoming Silver Tower game, but I decided to paint this guy instead.

“Paulo” here jumped the queue as a direct result of the work of two other bloggers: Andy at Tales from the Maelstrom and Alex over at Leadballoony.

Alex Knight Questor really appealed to me.  It summed up the dungeoncrawling, heraldic knight trope in a way that I hadnt quite seen on Stormcast figures before.  Alex model was what made me consider working on a Stormcast early in my project, as prior to seeing his I figured that the Stormcast may be one of the last that I might get to.  Nice one Alex.

Alex is also partly responsible for the name of the Stormcast chamber that I have chosen.

Similarly, Andys technique for painting his Horus Heresy era loyalist Emperors Children is something that I have wanted to try out for several years.  Andy has been developing the technique as he goes, and having quizzed him on it a couple of times I decided to try something similar.  A large armoured figure like a Stormcast, not visually tied to any of my other projects was a perfect testbed.  So thanks to Andy for being so gracious about me copying his technique.

As for the model, I have been a fan of simple head swap “conversions” for years.  My Sin-Eaters Chaos Space Marine force – one of my largest hobby projects – came about because it was fun adding zombie heads to space marines.  Paulo here is the result of a very similar process, namely what would happen if I added the “Windswept Dreamboat”* Eldar guardian head to a Stormcast body.  I think that it worked rather well.

The owl was a whim.  I enjoy painting familiars and I like the loyal animal companion trope.  I decided to paint the owl in ectoplasmic colours for a few reasons, one of which is that its non-commital: is the owl a ghost?  A supernatural bond creature?  Or a pet no more or less tangible than the big honking deathproof armoured posthuman that its hanging with?  We may never know the answer…

I am actually itching to paint more Stormcast after finishing this guy.  Watch this space.


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  1. I like the conversion, the colours and painting look excellent, and the owl is so seamless I found myself wondering (before scrolling down, obviously) if it was a conversion too or a standard part of the kit. Very nice work!

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    • Thanks Warburton!

      I reckon that the owl makes the entire figure look like something that might have appeared in a fantasy calendar bought in a newsagents by ones aunt as a gift for Xmas 1991.

      Someone suggested that it needs a black panther on a chain 😀

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  2. Love the purple metallic armor! Might steal that if I still remember when I get around to painting mine.

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    • Thanks.

      The scheme is very close to a 30k Emperors Children palette, so it’s definitely nonsensical high fantasy.

      Bombastic fun.


  3. Brilliant work Paul, love it mate – he looks amazing in purple! And what a quality name 😉

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  4. You certainly took the best out of the mini. Looks truly impressive. Maybe you could think of making it dual purpose and starting a realscale Emperor’s Chldren army 😀 😀 😀
    Seriously, I love how he looks; strangely the familiar looks absolutely in place, it was meant to be there. Cool, great job.

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    • I have considered using these Stormcast as a heavenly host of angels/daemons to be summoned by a fallen Emperors Children force actually.

      I mean, the difference between a daemon and an angel is just a matter of perspective really.

      The familiar is fun. I will continue that theme through the hero models I think.

      I’m glad that you like it Suber, thanks for the feedback.


  5. Impressive. The head swap and addition of the owl change the feel of the model rather spectacularly, and the purple armour works well against the cloak and shoulder pads, it’s a striking colour scheme. I’m keen to see where you go with this as a project, a group of justified ancients would look mighty.

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    • It’s happening, I’m glad that you like it.

      I’m working on Silver Tower until September at least, but after that it’s all aboard, all aboard, woh-ho!

      I’m then planning to take them to a lesser known part of the Mortal Realms, possibly called Eternia, to carve a Path to Glory to the sound of power metal licks and earthbound comets of Thunderstruck played on cellos.

      Come on boy, do you wanna ride?

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  6. Sweet stuff! He looks like something out of our Dungeons & Dragons campaign, which I think is pretty much as he should.

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    • Although I wanted the figure to echo the Shining Knight trope, I didnt want to go for a more familiar silver plate. Using something other than black, gunmetal or silver does tend to generate a more high fantasy look.

      Perfectly appropriate for resurrected angels that travel via lightning and comets I would say.

      Silver Tower is lots of fun Mikko. I imagine that yiur RPG buddies might enjoy it.

      Thanks for the feedback!

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  7. Hadn’t picked up on the cloak being a different colour on the outside. Great work.

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    • Thanks Curis 🙂

      Im normally comfortable with painting white, but it just wasnt working out for me while painting that figure, so I painted the outside of the cape black.

      One of those happy accidents that improved the overall look I think.


  8. That works. Quite nicely, in fact. So I take it you’re pleased with Silver Tower as a game, not merely a box o’ cool plastic minis?

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    • Thanks ccglazier!

      The game is fun, lots of laughs, beer and pretzels job.

      Some folk get precious about the original WHQ, but I found it turgid.

      Silver Tower is a comparable theme, but with entirely different mechanics.
      It feels retro, but has more modern boardgame design.

      I like it.

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      • Thanks for the response.

        Not like I don’t already have enough minis/projects but I confess I’m tempted.

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        • Primarily people buy the game for the miniatures. The other components are available cheaply if you have access to suitable proxies (which you do, I am certain).
          Many of the usual dungeoncrawl tropes.

          So you could do that if more miniatures are not the best idea.

          The miniatures are top notch quality of course, but you know that.

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          • Honestly, one part of my brain is hankering to make my own modular dungeon from insulation foam, resin scenics, bitz, and faux-stone peel and stick tiles, then use my already fairly extensive fantasy collection to run ‘Song of’ crawls. Another part is convinced I’m barking mad and utterly lack time management skills.


  9. That is cool! Love the head swap idea – wish I’d thought of that myself!

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    • Thanks Gareth!

      Expect many more headswapped Stormcast here. It makes a huge difference to the look of the figures I think.

      The next Stormcast will be a little tighter paint wise too I think. The above model was a test bed of sorts.

      Thanks for the feedback 🙂


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