What, Blue Pussycat? Whoa, whoa, whoa!

This was revealed by Duncan on Warhammer TV a little earlier today


Its a non-canonical blue gyrinx, the second ever 40k model of their psychic space cat…

…and its entertainingly similar in colour to my non-canonical blue gyrinx 🙂


The image comes from this video.

Disclaimer: the following post contains speculation, conjecture, monomania, egomania, ailurophilia, confirmation bias and wishful thinking.

I am keen on cats in real life.  Im also keen on space cats in imaginary space life, such as the psychic gyrinx that featured in Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader back in 1987.

I am so keen in fact, that I have spent time in my real life prepping miniature space cats for my imaginary life, as can be seen here, here, here, here, here, here and here.

A photo of the first one that I worked on, the imaginatively named “Paul”, the one painted in non-canonical blue, is the image that I use for my avatar on Facebook and forums etc.


L to R: G.I.N.G.E.R, Steeljaw, Mr. D’Arcy, Mr. Scuttle, Cassis, Paul, Friskers, Rampage.

This general enthusiasm for miniature space cats included, with the assistance of Axiom, buying the original piece of gyrinx art from the Rogue Trader rulebook, as seen below.

Gyrinx as illustrated in Warhammer 40,000 Rogue Trader, 1987.

Gyrinx as illustrated in Warhammer 40,000 Rogue Trader, 1987.

Here is the original of the illustration, yet to be framed.

Did I mention that I own it?  Are you sure?  Because I do. Own it that is. I own it.

The original gyrinx artwork from Rogue Trader, as created by Tony Ackland.

The original gyrinx artwork from Rogue Trader, as created by Tony Ackland.

Its safe to say that I am pleased to see the gyrinx coming back into the setting.

What particularly pleases me is that the gyrinx was previously always shown to be a ginger or orange colour.  This was in fact codified in RT:

A Gyrinx resembles a large cat, with very thick and fluffy ginger or orange fur and bright blue eyes”

Therefore I can say without a shadow of a doubt that I, through force of enthusiastic will alone, have in fact changed the canon of the 40k universe with regard to the colour of psychic space felines from ginger/orange to canonical blue.


How dare you!  Everything that I said abo…


…well, I suppose it could be said that most of the evidence to back up my case could be corr…


… well, I mean that there simply cannot be that many other blue, pop culture feline references for the desig…


… screw you Lying Cat.





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  1. You’re my favourite cat lover cheetor, did I ever tell you that?! I look forward to basking in the glow of your insufferable smugness for years to come 🙂

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  2. You sir, win the non-canonical-blue-gyrinx-infested-internet today!

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  3. Hahahahahahahaha. Nice. I’m glad this creature has made a comeback, it’s a reminder of more whimsical times at GW. Always liked your version; I have a bunch of those Mega Miniatures cats myself for various uses.

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    • In these post truth times, its not that outlandish a claim for me to make Al.

      If enough people state with confidence that this is true, then it will be. Like Parappa the Rapper, we just have “gotta believe!”

      I bought two set of those Megaminis cats way back, they are quite nice (if rather large if representing a Terran house cat). I ended up giving the duplicates to other folk that wanted to have one for their own gyrinx projects.

      In fact, Im going to claim henceforth that my campaign to Make Gyrinx Great Again began there, and has finally come to fruition due to my own hard work.


      • Just when I thought the days of seeing Parappa the Rappa quotes were long, long gone, I read this blog post and now the world seems just a shade more retro. As for the new gyrinx, well, in the words of Parappa himself, ‘money money money, is all you need’. Lets hope GW get lots for this space cat so they continue this marvellous trend 😀

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        • The very retro items like a gyrinx do have a lot of appeal, a nostalgia buzz.

          I would be very happy to see mimics/ptera-squirrels/death ferrets etc (possibly re-named in a marginally less goofy fashion). None of those would likely give me the silly levels of childish delight that I get from the gyrinx though.

          This sort of thing bodes well for future call backs of all sorts anyway 🙂


  4. I still like your gyrinx better, actually. 🙂 But it’s good to see you’re getting some recognition for your crazy space cat housing, feeding, adoption, and pigmentation program.

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    • Thanks symphonic poet, you and some few other true believers will be brought up to my court when I am Star Tzar.

      I have always known that I was destined for greatness. Sometimes people like us just have to wait for the world to catch up.


  5. Wow, so I’m guessing you’re a bit of a fan of cats. Space cats. Haha. Great post mate. I don’t share the same love I’m afraid but as soon as there’s such a thing as a space ferret I’ll be smiling forever!

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  6. Where can you get that new Gyrinx model?

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  7. lol – now who has the weird perversion!? 😉
    Great to see the Gyrinx making a hopeful comeback, and great to see lying cat doing his thang! Space-cats look way cooler in blue… fact.

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  8. Fantastic, and you know that I approve. I’m impressed on the Grynx picture as well. Did you pick up the Raging Heroes “Jinx”?

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  9. Oh, my, it has started. Cheetor is shaping the reality around his vision of the world. Today, space cats. Tomorrow, the galaxy!
    Dude, remember that you and me are in good terms, I won’t be asking that much in your new galaxy order. 😀

    This new one looks nice, but apart of being a blatant Bubastis from Watchmen, this model has an anime-like design that doesn’t get my love. I don’t think I can explain it, but I think this is more a Pokemon that a Gyrinx. Let’s wait to see the complete model on the base…

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    • You are in Suber, we can sort out your new Galactic Title at a later date 😉

      The new gyrinx design is certainly riffing on Bubastis, but thats ok. In fact the new gyrinx is more of a lynx than Bubastis I reckon, as she shared a lot of characteristics with tigers IIRC.

      I hadnt really thought about the design being Pokemon like though. Its possibly the lack of fur texture on the model giving it that Mewtwo vibe, is it? Regardless, that aspect doesnt bother me at all really.

      Modern GW designs do push in a slightly different way in terms of proportion than the older figures that you and I have a nostalgic fondness for. There is certainly a bit of that in this new gyrinx design too. But I am perfectly happy to accept that as simply being part of the inevitable progress of technology and change in aesthetics over time.

      I might paint my official, old metal gyrinx in the new colour scheme.


  10. Pretty awesome, I think I share your enthusiasm 🙂

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    • Im glad to hear it Dr. M 🙂

      I feel very pandered to, now that people of approximately my age are now calling more shots in GW. Who knows what sort of things they will use to tempt us to spend more money?

      I cant wait to see 🙂


  11. Cool – thanks for the post!

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  12. Excellent, and that new gyrinx looks lovely. To celebrate, I custom-edited this for you:


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  13. Noice. Owning the original drawing is badass. Should I come to some money I feel some originals of Magic Cards will be in order. It is certain that you will purchase the cat, so I look forward to your paintjob. No matter if it is more a Pokemon than a Space Cat.

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    • Picking up the original was a highlight of last year daggerandbrush, definitely. I really must get it framed and hang it.

      As for Space Cat Vs Pokémon Cat, it doesnt bother me terribly much either way 🙂

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  14. Lying Cat? There is another… Buxton. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=esldbiVSFIs

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    • Was Buxton ever serialised into a comic I wonder [ZHU]? I feel like I have seen it before, possibly as a very young kid in the sort of comic thea featured Sooty and Sweep and maybe the Wombles?


      • Buxton is from “Dougal and the Blue Cat” -The Magic Roundabout movie. The story was adapted into a picture book, which I’ve just spotted a cheap copy of on eBay. It’s very likely the story might have been adapted in one of the TV character comics of the era as well.

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        • I didn’t have access to UK TV as a kid, but got the same magazines and comics.
          My experience of The Magic Roundabout (and Danger Mouse and a few others) came entirely from secondary media like comics.

          It’s a peculiar angle to know the franchises via.

          Thanks for the feedback Zhu.


  15. Love all the cats! It will be interesting to see what the gyrinx brings along too – awesome looking model!

    Have you seen the Wolsung cat minis?

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    • I have indeed seen the Wolsung ninja cat miniatures. I could very easily find a use for those rather weird things.

      Previews regarding the gyrinx companion are due pretty soon I reckon. Im looking forward to them too.

      Thanks for the feedback Poisontail!


  16. How splendid to have the world change to the view that you have always seen. Please stop here though, we need not venture deeper into your mind.

    As for the GW sneak peek, I am mostly interested in who the grynix will be accompanying…

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    • Like visiting Graceland, tours of my mind are allowed in the grounds and downstairs, but access to the second floor is not allowed.

      The contents of the next “Aeldari” filled box is really rather exciting. I hope that they release a box like the “Triumvirate of the Imperium” for each faction.


      • I believe that the current rumor is for an “Aedlari” box, then maybe a chaos box, but everything other than that is speculation. But yes, it would be a good way to pump out character/command squad figures.


  17. Hadn’t peeked here in a while – glad I did. Gyrinx licking their space paws after ruining your argument – priceless.:)

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  18. […] arrived (with an Ikit Claw compadre if anyone’s interested in all details of my indulgences), a fellow blogger wrote a post about all his space kittehs and the coming Gyrinx (READ ALL ABOUT IT). This tingled me in the right corner of the brain, and before I knew it I had found Wolsung’s […]


  19. I see you like cat models. Have you seen the Cat’s & Catacombs from
    Steamforge games in their Animal Adventure line (D&D classes in cats and dogs if anyone is interested)

    There’s also the Dungeons & Lasers “The Druid Was Right” pack from their recent Kickstarter by Archon Studios. It has a Sci-Fi (and fantasy) Cat


    • Hi Jason. Yes I do like cat models, and real cats 🙂

      Those various cat models that you linked to are very appealing for all sorts of reasons. I have had been keeping half an eye on them for a while now, but haven’t come across them for sale somewhere with the right shipping and at the right price just yet, but it could happen…

      Thanks for the heads up 🙂


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