Judgement Day #1: Walter the Wobot


My inaugural Judgement Day submission is Walter the Wobot. Continue reading


Refurbished Robots

Refurbished Robots1

I quickly painted these old Megaminis robots while going through a minimalist “dipping” phase in my toy soldier painting a few years ago.  I painted them primarily for use in Robo Rally games.  With my current interests leaning more towards non-com/civilian miniatures and particularly robots, I decided to rebase these models, add a layer of highlighting to most of them and add a tweak here and there and re-varnish.

The sculpting is a little crude and they wont win prizes for painting, but the figures are undeniably charming.  The colours also have a nice Futurama/Mega City One/Raygun Gothic feel.    I can see these units getting a lot of use in Judge Dredd games both as non-coms and also potentially as part of a Renegade Robot gang.  It was surprisingly satisfying to go back to these fun little models and to bring them up a decent standard for gaming with.


The temptation to field a self aware vacuum cleaner as a Don-bot in the robot mob has lots of appeal.  I particularly like the goofy French Maid-bot that presumably calls him “Sugah” while massaging his… dust bag?  Nozzle?  Power cord?  No matter what I say it sounds smutty.

Barker Zosa: Construction Worker


Two variations of the same named character from the Sedition Wars game, painted fairly quickly in order to fit in with the rest of my sci-fi Construction Crew. Continue reading

Judgement Day Project


Mr Saturday and I are lifelong fans of Judge Dredd.  We have been collecting and painting toy soldiers for approximately the same duration. So why is it that neither of us have very many painted Dredd related miniatures?

Because we lack discipline, thats why.

In order to rectify this situation we have decided to execute a simple plan called “Judgement Day“.   Continue reading

Clutches of Chaos Crossover: #2 – Manifestation


A few months ago I posted some details about a fun collaborative project that Andy (from Tales from The Maelstrom) and I were planning.  As of today the project has moved on to the next, fully tangible stage. Continue reading


I took WIP photos while painting one of the second batch of Sci-Fi Construction Crew models last week.  I did that in order to illustrate how I went about the process in a subsequent blog post, this post in fact.


Continue reading

Famous Faceplates


This evenings presentation is a handful of robots – seventy-five percent of which are pop-culture types – to add to my recent sci-fi civilian Construction Crew.  It is more of Demolition Crew at this point. Continue reading

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