2013 so far…

Although I have a number of miniatures and related projects in various states at the moment, some of which will be posted here very soon, I dont have any photos this week.  Mainly thats because I blew my load and over-enthusiastically posted all of my recent Ursa Miner stuff in rapid succession instead of spacing it out a bit.  So its a hobby clip show today. Continue reading

Ursa Miners: Imperial Advisor

Spot the Difference

Spot the Difference

No new miniatures, just some goofing around following on from an earlier conversation…



Ursa Miner Group Shot


I decided to take a photo of the Ursa Miners project as it stands to date.  Its currently thirty-one miniatures strong Continue reading

Ursa Miners: Dark Lord Prowse and Governor Cushing

Dark Lord and Governor

Dark Lord and Governor

Continue reading

Ursa Miner: Grymn Walker


I didnt drill out the rail gun barrels: The model was supplied that way.

The Space Dwarfs benefit from my ongoing big robot love today Continue reading

Ursa Miner: Living Ancestor Torsten



This figure is “Torsten” from the Hasslefree “Grymn” (space dwarf) range, available here.  I plan to use the figure as some sort of Living Ancestor, space dwarf psychic/wizard character (and thats a particularly entertaining and geeky sentence). Continue reading

Ursa Miners: Runts

CP Models "Runts"

CP Models “Runts”

These three guys and a girl are “Runts” from CP Models.   Continue reading

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