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Although I have a number of miniatures and related projects in various states at the moment, some of which will be posted here very soon, I dont have any photos this week.  Mainly thats because I blew my load and over-enthusiastically posted all of my recent Ursa Miner stuff in rapid succession instead of spacing it out a bit.  So its a hobby clip show today. Continue reading


Ursa Miners: Imperial Advisor

Spot the Difference

Spot the Difference

No new miniatures, just some goofing around following on from an earlier conversation…



Ursa Miner Group Shot


I decided to take a photo of the Ursa Miners project as it stands to date.  Its currently thirty-one miniatures strong Continue reading

Ursa Miners: Dark Lord Prowse and Governor Cushing

Dark Lord and Governor

Dark Lord and Governor

Continue reading

Ursa Miner: Grymn Walker


I didnt drill out the rail gun barrels: The model was supplied that way.

The Space Dwarfs benefit from my ongoing big robot love today Continue reading

Ursa Miner: Living Ancestor Torsten



This figure is “Torsten” from the Hasslefree “Grymn” (space dwarf) range, available here.  I plan to use the figure as some sort of Living Ancestor, space dwarf psychic/wizard character (and thats a particularly entertaining and geeky sentence). Continue reading

Ursa Miners: Runts

CP Models "Runts"

CP Models “Runts”

These three guys and a girl are “Runts” from CP Models.   Continue reading

Ursa Miner: Squat Adeptus Mechanicus


Its been about a year since the last Ursa Miner update, so I am glad that the next installment of Space Dwarf is a classic old Rogue Trader era figure that I have wanted to paint since 1989 Continue reading

Toy Bugs


I needed some low level grunts – really low quality “Drones” in game terms – to field in Swatters games at the start of the year.  Recently I found a few boxes of these creepy-crawlies for sale and figured that rather than spend a few days researching, buying, cleaning, painting and basing these lowest-of-the-low grade troops that I would use these toys instead. Continue reading



More grotesques today, this time in the form of Tentacle Brains from Ramshackle Games.

"You have ten of your puny Earth minutes to hand over ALL the Advil!"

“You have ten of your puny Earth minutes to hand over ALL the Advil!”

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