See you at Halloween-ish.



Im going to take a few weeks off from this blog.  I have a number of other things eating into my time at the moment, so the toy soldier stuff will have to go on the back burner for a little while.

I should be back up to speed by Halloween or so, mid November at the latest.




Justice Department Group Shot

This is the entirety of my painted Mega City Justice Dept figures right now.

I like how they look so far.  I have a number of other Judge figures in various states of progress, but I probably wont get around to finishing them for a while yet (hobby progress is slow at the moment).  So this is the total as it stands right now.

Mega City Creeps: Jimp

Bring out the Jimp

Impersonating a Judge in Mega City One is a serious offence. Anyone illegally abusing the powers of a Judge, a “Jimp” (J-udge IMP-ersonator) can be thrown in the cubes for ten to twenty (depending on intent). Continue reading

Mega City Justice Department: Street Judges

Street Judge

Another rank and file Street Judge today, this time from Mongoose (complete with irritating piece of sand on he side of his helmet.  It has since been brushed off). Continue reading

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