Necrons 2.0

Deranged, homicidal, hubristic, robotic skeleton pharaohs from space, surrounded by mindless, mechanical minions with massive machine-guns.  Right now I find it difficult to imagine a more appealing theme for a toy soldier project.

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Judgement Day #31: Butlerbot P3R-C



A straightforward submission this time, P3R-C the butlerbot.


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Judgement Day #29: VAL-8


Unlike me, VAL-8 is programmed for endless toil.

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Judgement Day #19: Renegade Servo-Droid


A servo droid who just cant take it any more.

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Well, looks like ol’ Roberto’s the focus of attention now! … STOP LOOKING AT ME!

Everybodys favourite escapee from the HAL Institute for Criminally Insane Robots today.


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Judgement Day #7: B0L7


My submission for Judgement Day #7 is B0L7, a Renegade Robot.

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Judgement Day #3: KNU7


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Judgement Day #1: Walter the Wobot


My inaugural Judgement Day submission is Walter the Wobot. Continue reading

Refurbished Robots

Refurbished Robots1

I quickly painted these old Megaminis robots while going through a minimalist “dipping” phase in my toy soldier painting a few years ago.  I painted them primarily for use in Robo Rally games.  With my current interests leaning more towards non-com/civilian miniatures and particularly robots, I decided to rebase these models, add a layer of highlighting to most of them and add a tweak here and there and re-varnish.

The sculpting is a little crude and they wont win prizes for painting, but the figures are undeniably charming.  The colours also have a nice Futurama/Mega City One/Raygun Gothic feel.    I can see these units getting a lot of use in Judge Dredd games both as non-coms and also potentially as part of a Renegade Robot gang.  It was surprisingly satisfying to go back to these fun little models and to bring them up a decent standard for gaming with.


The temptation to field a self aware vacuum cleaner as a Don-bot in the robot mob has lots of appeal.  I particularly like the goofy French Maid-bot that presumably calls him “Sugah” while massaging his… dust bag?  Nozzle?  Power cord?  No matter what I say it sounds smutty.

Famous Faceplates


This evenings presentation is a handful of robots – seventy-five percent of which are pop-culture types – to add to my recent sci-fi civilian Construction Crew.  It is more of Demolition Crew at this point. Continue reading

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