I recently picked up a set of the plastic Citadel woods to add to my graveyard.

The trees in this set are like something from Sleepy Hollow, with their Brothers Grimm, Tim Burton aesthetic.  Very suitable for inclusion in my graveyard terrain in other words.

My graveyard is painted to match my wasteland terrain set and so I painted the trees to match the dead bits of wood that feature on my Scourged Forest gaming mat.

I had originally planned to leave the trees devoid of the foliage pieces supplied but when I assembled the kit I decided that I liked the unusual looking leaf pieces too much to simply leave them in the box.

In a moment of madness I decided to add magnets to a number of the tree branches with corresponding magnets inset into the underneath of the leaf pieces.  Now the trees can reasonably represent both autumn and winter or living and dead.

Sort of fun to do?  Yep.  Easier to store as a result?  Probably.  Worth the trouble?  Nope.

Like the trees themselves I painted the large plastic base supplied to match my gaming mat.  I dont think that I will end up using the base very often as I plan to use the trees as freestanding single pieces.  Nonetheless I figured that I might as well paint the base alongside the trees anyway: who knows when I might decide to use the woods in that fashion?

Lastly the tree above (which I showed along with Santiago a while back) got painted at the same time as the GW set.  Its a plastic tree supplied with the Horrorclix starter set from a few years ago.

I based the tree so that it would have the regulation footprint for representing a “hanging tree” in Malifaux games.

I am currently working on a another couple of sets of Renedra gravestones to bulk out the graveyard set, then I will be fully finished with it.  Once I am done with those I will try to get some half decent photos of the whole thing set up for a game.


Ursa Miners: Jotunn Heavy Hailstorm Cannon

Next off the Ursa Miner assembly line is this artillery piece: the Jotunn Heavy Hailstorm Cannon.  It bears quite a resemblance to a piece of 1980s 40K nostalgia known as the “Thudd Gun” too, not that I am complaining. Continue reading

Ursa Miners: Squat Engineer

This cheerful looking guy is the only Squat miniature that Games Workshop has made since they quietly retconned the race out of existence in the mid-nineties.  The figure was exclusively available to White Dwarf subscribers in 2010 and represents an incarnation of the magazines mascot, the White Dwarf himself. Continue reading

Ursa Miners: Stormrage Veterans

The second squad of my Ursa Miner space dwarfs finished are more Mantic Forgefathers.  This time its the veteran troopers, busily stormraging-it-up with their heat cannon and large calibre projectile weapons.  And astro-hammer thing.

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Ursa Miners: Huscarl, Hound & Objectives

Huscarl Max and Freeway the cyber-mastiff

My Space Dwarf mini-season continues with a leader and his trusty mecha-mutt. Continue reading

Ursa Miners: Forgefather Steel Warriors

Recently I decided for vague and uncertain reasons to start painting some space dwarf figures.  These Forgefathers were the first little guys off the painting conveyor belt. Continue reading

The Ursa Miners: Space Dwarfs

I recently started painting some space dwarf miniatures from various sources.  I didnt really plan it: it just sort of happened.

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Project Pandora: Grim Cargo Review

Project Pandora: Grim Cargo is the first sci-fi dungeoncrawl boardgame from Mantic Games. The mechanics of the game are very similar to those for the Dwarf Kings Hold series from the same manufacturer.

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More Graveyard

I recently got another couple of items finished for my graveyard, the open grave and the crypt in the foreground of the picture above.  The photos are a bit poorer than usual Im afraid, as I dont have a set up decent enough to take photos of anything much bigger than a 28mm figure for the time being.

The one on the right is a plastic piece that came from one of the GW Lord of the Rings boxes, kindly donated by PB a few years back.  I sprayed it with GW Roughcoat back then which was a mistake as it obscured some of the details on the lid of the sarcophagus.  I enjoyed painting the books strewn around the base.  I like painting miniature books for some reason that I havent quite worked out yet.

I traded some bits and pieces with COM in exchange for the resin grave piece above.  I dont know where it originally came from, but I think that its a Grendel piece.  In my haste to get it finished the painting came out a little more lurid than I had intended.  I am tempted to go back and tone it down a bit but I probably wont.

The piece originally had a tombstone, but that was mislaid at some point before I got my hands on it.  I made up the stone shown with an old piece of Foamex board that I had lying around since 1995.  I used Instant Mold to copy the pattern on the sarcophagus lid and stuck the copy to the Foamex as a quick way to make the headstone look a little more authentic.


One of my Salute purchases was Project Pandora: Grim Cargo.  This sci-fi dungeoncrawl game  is supplied with twenty Mantic miniatures, ten of which are veer-myn (space rat-men).

In order to have painted miniatures to play the game with I started work on these guys last week and finished them today. Continue reading

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