Necron Khameron Dynasty

Ancient android systems pulse with obscene power, ready to party like its 1998.

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Adeptus Mechanicus Explorators


The Adeptus Mechanicus Biologis dig site on Memphis IIX-4 : live to work, don’t work to live.

I painted a few Adeptus Mechanicus pieces for a game last year.

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Gaslands Turrets

Turrets show up in Gaslands games in a number of different ways, via scenarios and the like. I picked up a set of turrets along with some other pieces from “Impudent Mortal” recently, and the twelve of them were assembled and painted in a Xmas-y haze last week.


Wobbly hazard marking WIP.

The paint job was essentially the same recipe as discussed here, with a very basic (read as: “wobbly and inconsistent”) yellow and black hazard stripe pattern around the top of the turret, before I obscured about 80% of it with a variety of simple dirt and rust effects.


Mostly finished at this stage.

The pieces were simple to assemble and fun to paint. The design is nice too: totally unambiguous in all the right ways.

Gaslands Slay Ride Advent(ure) Xmas Bonus: Santa Claus

He’s made a list, checked it and delivered.
But enough about me, let’s have Dark Future Santa briefly guide us through the last 24 days post-apocalyptic blog output… Continue reading

Gaslands Slay Ride Advent(ure) #24: Oneshot

I decided to combine a little of the post apocalyptic jalopy and a little of high tech dystopian chic side of Gaslands in the groovy set of wheels that make up the final entry in this project.

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Gaslands Slay Ride Advent(ure) #23: Snowman

It being Festivus, I was hoping for an aluminium rod, or perhaps a clock in a bag nailed to a wall, but to be honest, I was actually quite pleased to see this.

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Gaslands Slay Ride Advent(ure) #22: Pump

Q: What do you get if you cross post-apocalyptic autoduel media, Xmas, toy cars and wargaming?

A: Ruined, tiny/huge gas pumps with Santa hats on.

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Gaslands Slay Ride Advent(ure) #21: Log Pile

“There’s high ground, just beyond that pile of things.”

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Gaslands Slay Ride Advent(ure) #20: Katy

This fun little item didn’t go in a direction that I expected at all, but I like it.

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Gaslands Slay Ride Advent(ure) #19: Tree

It’s beginning to look a lot like post-apoChristmas.

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