2013 = 192 Painted Miniatures

A gallery of the 192 miniatures that I painted this year. 192 is a record annual total for me.


#1: DreadBall Ref

#2: Toby (from the “Ballad of Halo Jones” 2000AD strip)

#3 – #12: O.C.P. Patriots – Corporation Human DreadBall Team

#13, #14: The Enforcer and Lucky Logan – DreadBall MVPs

#?: 30 CD basing solutions. They took me a couple of evenings to get done,but I am not going to count them as part of the years tally.

#15 – #24: B.P. Oilers, Marauder DreadBall Team

#25: “Number 88” – DreadBall MVP

#26: Slippery Joe – DreadBall MVP

#27 – #36: Ursa Miner Bruins – Forgefather DreadBall Team

#37: Wildcard – DreadBall MVP

#38: Gorim Ironstone – DreadBall MVP

#39: Renton – DreadBall Coach

#40: The Dean Cain Presidential Shield – DreadBall Trophy

#41: Reek “Payback” Rolat – DreadBall MVP

#42 – #51: Rekall Rentokillaz – Veer-myn DreadBall Team

#52: John Doe – Nameless DreadBall MVP

#53 – #55: DreadBall Cheerleaders (Blood Bowl figures really)

#56: Barik Farblast – DreadBall Forgefather Keeper (another Blood Bowl figure)

#57: Flint Churnblade – DreadBall Forgefather Keeper (another Blood Bowl model)

#58, #59: O.C.P. Patriots Guard and Keeper (Power Armoured Libby)

#60, #61 – Gyrinx

#62: Navigator Heinlein

#63: Navigator Totenkranz

#64, #65: Commissar Headroom, Commissar Trude

#66: Gyrinx

#67: Inquisitor Verhoeven

#68: Mee-kel Judwan – DreadBall MVP

#69 – #75: Rupture Farmers – Judwan DreadBall Team

#76: Tau Fire Warrior

#77 – #81: Avian Aliens

#82: Gunslinger


#83 – #86: Tentacle Brains

#87: Squat Engineer/Tech Priest/Enginseer

#88 – #91: Ursa Miners

#92: Ursa Miner Living Ancestor Torsten

#93: Ursa Miner Grymn Walker

#94, #95: Dark Lord Prowse and Governor Cushing

#96 – #98: Assassin, Squat, Navigator (commissions)

#99, #100: Cerebalites

#101 – #106: Medusharks

#107: Eye Beast/Beholder/Enslaver

#108, #109: Imperial Fleet Officers – Admiral Leopold Horatio III and Commodore Thaddeus Borlase-Arlington

#110: Tentacle Brain APC

#111: Catachan Devil

#112: Zombie

#113: Cthellean Cudbear

#114: Zombie Tank

#115 – #121: Death Ferrets

#122 – #145: Dunger Herd

#146 – #155: Lunar Industries Lampreys – Nameless DreadBall Team

#156: Nameless Spawn – DreadBall Giant MVP

#157 – #168: Zegema Beach Zephyrs – Asterian DreadBall Team (and this years UK & Ireland Ultimate DreadBall Champions)

#169: Zoidberg

#169 - #172: Deadzone Marauders

#170 – #173: Deadzone Marauders


#174: Nazgrub Wurrzag, #175: Da Captive

Daemonette Familiar

#176: Daemonette Familiar


#177 – #180: Gretchin

Alien Space Bats

#181 – #184: Alien Space Bats

Dryad Familiar

#185: Dryad Familiar

Reaper Bones beetle and spider swarms.

#186 – #189: Necron Scarab Swarms

Ferro Beasts

#190 – #192: Ferro Beasts


17 Responses

  1. Thank you for all those great pictures and this amazing source of inspiration!
    Your paintjobs are superb and I’ve hardly ever seen such a weird yet awesome selection of different models!

    Keep up the great work in 2014!


    • Thanks very much for the kind words Darkover πŸ™‚

      It is quite an eclectic group of miniatures. I am definitely goal orientated in terms of my miniature painting and I like to get decent, useful and planned output (like getting a number of teams ready for DreadBall this year for example), but having the variety in the style of the miniatures painted is also a big motivator for me, as 2013s output shows.

      Hopefully 2014 will be just as varied and productive πŸ™‚


  2. Feck me was it that many! Well done!


    • Thanks!

      Many can paint a lot faster than I can, but I really am pleased to have generated almost 200 28mm figures in a year. I doubt that I will top that figure any time soon.

      I am doubly pleased that the projects and subjects are quite varied visually. Painting a 200 strong, visually coherent army of some sort is technically easier than a lot of smaller projects as you get the colour scheme right and then assembly line process the lot, but its dull and it often leads me to burnout.

      Executing a large number of colour schemes as I managed this year (and with a pretty high rate of success in my opinion) is technically harder, but a lot more satisfying and stimulating.

      Hopefully 2014 will be as productive πŸ™‚


  3. Wow, I`m well impressed. Going to count up my paint jobs now ,but it will not touch your total.


    • Monitoring my output was one of my primary reasons for starting this blog (I put a mission statement in the “About” page when I started). The cold hard output data has helped me to be more realistic about the number of projects that I engage in and how I approach them. I still overreach from time to time, but far less than I used to.

      Making my hobby time a tiny bit accountable to the blog has encouraged me to refine my processes and improve my output and turnover. While that might make it sound like its more of a job than a relaxing pastime, I get more satisfaction from my hobby now than I ever have before, so its well worth the slightly more organised approach. To me at least.

      Thanks for the feedback.


  4. Congratulations on a great year! I must try harder, and your stuff is always an excellent inspiration for that.


    • Very kind Subedai, thanks.

      Blogging and recording my hobby stuff has made me analyse it more. Four and a half years of recording has given me a much better understanding of what inspires me and generates further enthusiasm (and the sorts of projects that demoralise that are best avoided). So rather than force myself to work harder I have been trying to work smarter. It has paid off well in 2013 and hopefully I can refine it further in future.

      Thanks for the feedback. Im off to finish some orks πŸ™‚


  5. That’s a stunning tally, Paul, congrats! Some of my favourites in the picks as well (the cudbear, the Catachan devil and the Fire Warrior to name a few). Inspiration is all-important, and I’m really happy to see you’ve got a good painting groove on. It’s bound to be a good year.


    • Thanks Mikko. I hope to get some of the Alien Fauna on the gaming table before the end of the month. Im looking forward to that. Its the realisation of a project that has been mentally percolating since the late 1980s, which makes it extra satisfying to complete and game with. The Cudbear and Catachan Devil sum the whole thing up in miniature form in many ways, making them personal favourites too.

      Im churning through some more orks at the moment and after that its hopefully some hostile space flora for the Cudbear, Catachan Devil and his mates to lurk behind. After that its gets a bit harder to extrapolate. I have options but dont know which project or sub-project will appeal most at that stage. I have no shortage of fun options though. I am hopeful that 2014 will be nicely productive, but I may not get as close to two hundred painted as I did in 2013.

      I did just finish painting my first miniatures of the year today though, so thats something πŸ™‚

      Thanks for the feedback.


  6. Insane! That’s more than 1 model every second day. Color me very impressed, especially with the amount of detail and skill you put into every single one of the models.
    Great job!


    • Thanks Markus/Soundwave!

      There are plenty out there that paint to a higher standard and paint faster than I do, but I have recently found my sweet spot I think. Currently my painting gives me a decent compromise between the quality and speed, while still allowing me to go to work/socialise/occasionally leave the house/maintain limited human communications. I am rather pleased with that total at that standard πŸ™‚

      Thanks for the feedback.


  7. What a brilliant selection of miniatures, and such great painting! You’re an inspiration.


    • Thanks very much Paul. Coming from someone with an inspirational output like you have, that is a particular compliment.

      I think that I have found a comfortable sweet spot between quality and output that suits me. I hope to be able to continue it for many years to come.


      • I think that’s the secret, doing enough to each miniature so that you’re satisfied with it even if it isn’t your best ever work and then being happy to move on to the next one.


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