Clutches of Chaos Crossover: #1 – Summoning

Tales from the Maelstrom.clipular

I had a lot of fun with the Governor General of Sector Six Blog Crossover project earlier this year, so when an opportunity to engage in a slightly different sort of cross-blog project with Tales From the Maelstrom came up, I took it. Continue reading


Pulp Alley/Antares weekend.

Its a Santa off!

Its a Space Santa off!

I spent last weekend playing toy soldiers with Just John.  The games ended up having a somewhat festive (a science fantasy, post-apocalyptic, 2000AD, WWI, mash-up sort of festive) theme.  Some photos of the two Pulp Alley and single Beyond the Gates of Antares games that we played follow. Continue reading

Citadel LE4 Space Santa


I know that November 11th is a bit on the early side for this, but regardless, its more or less time for a peculiar piece of Citadel history, a Space Santa from 1985. Continue reading

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