Ramirez: Space Spaniard Sensei

Subsequently retconned 40K background including Christian resonance PLUS Sean Connery playing an Egyptian dressed as a Spaniard in dated 80s cult movie EQUALS this: Ramirez1 Continue reading




“Steeljaw” the yellow psychic space cat (gyrinx) above is todays new model.  It was sitting 90% complete on my painting table for the last year or so.  I finally got inspired to add some stripes and finish its pelt last week while I had some off white on the palette.  That makes four of the little space scamps that I have painted to date (including Mister Darcy, my DreadBall Offensive Coach who I forgot to picture here for some reason).


I should hopefully have some more substantial figures finished over the next few days, but ill health is scuppering my schedule at the moment.  Ho hum.

Deadzone Chovar



Arguably more floating alien jelly-not-fish than floating alien brain, this Deadzone model has been drafted into my nothing-if-not-inclusive Tenebrainian force nonetheless.

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Tenebrainian Cerebalite


A Cerebalite Specialist from CP Models joins the ranks of my Tenebrainians.

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Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor Jodorowsky

Ordo Hereticus INquisitor Jodorowsky

Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor Jodorowsky

I have been promising myself time to paint this steampunk looking Van Helsing-a-like for years, but I couldnt come up with a plan for a colour scheme.  Then, all of a sudden, 1970s Mexican surrealist exploration of Western esotericism sprang to the rescue!   Continue reading

Public Convenience


A couple of years ago while I was working on a lot of zombie and survivor miniatures I bought a pair of miniature resin portaloos/portapottys from Fenris Games.  These were planned for use as respawn/reinforcement points in L4D inspired zombie games.  I never got around to painting them though.  Until now that is.

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Spine Crystals/Kryptonite/Perilium/Warpstone


Less “Deathworld” and more “Underhive”, its some quick crystal formations today.

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I impulsively bought eight plastic Renedra tents a couple of years ago but never did anything with them.  With recent gaming involving miniature forays into alien jungles, I figured that increasing the number of tent models that I have available might be handy.  I gave the neglected tents a similar quick and dirty, inky paint job to the one that I gave the other Renedra tents and Warhammer Goblin tee-pees a few years ago.

These are very bare bones affairs, but I dont really believe in spending as much time painting these sorts of things as I would painting”proper” miniatures.  They look perfectly adequate as is to me.

I went for a generic brown finish achieved by a couple of ink washes over a white basecoat.  The tents are then broadly suitable for use by everything from my futuristic jungle fighters through post-apocalyptic scavengers to ork marauders.

Obviously certain additions or changes in colour scheme would make the tents more appropriately themed for one force/theatre or another, but what they would gain in character they would lose in practicality.  As I dont ever see myself assembling/painting another 28mm campsite, keeping these tents suitable for use with as many of my miniature forces as possible makes sense.

Five Years Old Today



I try to avoid writing posts without new miniature content, but I figure that five years is a genuine milestone.

WordPress just informed me that today is the fifth anniversary of the day that I started this stupidly named blog.  I originally intended to use it as a dummy blog to feel my way around and then start a “proper” one with a “proper” name later (I really wish that I had called it “Scale Creep”, then I could be “Mr. Scale Creep” or “The Creep”) but you can see how well that worked.  Suffice it to say that I got a bit better at blogging eventually regardless.

Ballpark I have documented about 600-800 miniatures here since I started.  I must check the total sometime, but as the mission statement was to document my hobby output, then it has been a success.  In fact, blogging about the hobby has caused both the quality and quantity of my miniature output to increase in addition to all sorts of other unexpected benefits (reduced ageing, ESP, that sort of thing).  Go Scale Creep!

Genuine thanks to anyone who has ever taken the time to comment on my tiny corner of the miniature world.

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