Rangers of Shadow Deep Lucky Dip


I’m prepping for some Rangers of Shadowdeep games, working on a range of bits and pieces from all sorts of sources.

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Citadel Harpies (#paintabob)

“Grimmer than these scarce any prodigy, nor any plague e’er rose at the wrath of the gods from the Stygian waves: a winged thing with maiden’s face, belly o’erflowing and most foul, a hooked hand, and face hunger-pale forever.”
— Virgil, The Aeneid, Book III, ll. 253-257… assuming that TVTropes, where I copied it from, is correct, cos I’m not that literary by a looong shot.

Corvids, Greek myth, eighties political satire, Contrast paint and Bob Olley = profit.

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Rackhir the Red Archer

I started painting an Elric model earlier this year, but managed to finish his companion Rackhir first.  Elric still broods on my painting table, appropriately enough.
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Night Horrors Werewolf

Its Halloween!

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(Flashing) Enter the Dragon (Rampant)


After thirty years of painting toy soldiers I painted my very first dragon recently, plus its progeny.


The model is part of a dragon related group project that I have been taking part in and so…




Scale Creep” is a new toy soldier related project that I am involved in with a group of productive hobby buddies.

The plan for this new blog is to keep the emphasis on group projects, plus a bit of hobby related schoolboy goofing around too.  The post about this dragon is my first solo contribution to Scale Creep, so pop over and take a look at that and see if it appeals.

The other contributors are talented, interesting and fun guys, so it should feature plenty or worthwhile content as time goes on.

Sho3box isnt going anywhere however and will operate entirely independently of Scale Creep, with overlap here and there as appropriate.

More Shonen Knives are in the pipeline, so expect the next batch of them here soon.

Samurai, Ninja, Orc


Real life is rather busy at the moment, so these four took a little longer to finish than I had hoped.  But I like the way that they turned out all the same.

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Shonen Knives: Ronin #2

Three Ronin

Three Ronin

Three more experiments in miniature kimono patterning visual shorthand bring my Shonen Knife painted miniature total up to twelve.

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Shonen Knives: Ronin #1


Im not certain whether this figure is supposed to be an ashiguru or samurai (or something else) but for the purposes of this post, he is a ronin. Continue reading

Frostgrave: The Shonen Knives


I dont get involved with a lot of Fantasy projects, but this year Im jumping on board the Frostgrave bandwagon.

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Space Skeleton: Citadel LE9


Mr Saturday recently sent me this fun old model and last weekend I decided that getting it painted for the LAF “Future Wars Painting Club” would be fun.   Continue reading

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