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Heinlein – Navigator of the Navis Nobilite

Further distraction from my DreadBall stuff, this peculiar looking goofball is a companion piece to the blue gyrinx from last week. Continue reading



Gyrinx – L to R: Mr D’Arcy, Paul

I got a little distracted from my ongoing and quite substantial DreadBall project over the last few days and painted these two guys.  I did base one of the figures for use as a DreadBall coach though, so I didnt get completely sidetracked.

These furry little predators are domestic cat models bought from the sadly very soon to be no more Mega Miniatures, painted to represent a bit of old school 40k nonsense called “Gyrinx”. Continue reading

6 Steps to Attractive Balls


An Ursa Miner Bruin and an OCP Patriot with magnetic balls.

I attached magnets to the bases of my DreadBall miniatures.  I also magnetised the bases on my Blood Bowl teams a while back.  During play the ball (with corresponding magnet) can be quickly and easily placed on the players base, where it will stay during play.  It makes a surprisingly fiddly aspect of the game easier.  Those of you who have hardly given a thought to where you position your balls may be sceptical, but its worth the minimal effort. Continue reading

Power Armoured Libby – DreadBall Corporation Keeper


OCP Patriots Guard and Keeper (Libby)

OCP Patriots Guard and Keeper (Libby)

While prepping an extra guard for my OCP Patriots DreadBall team I remembered that I have had a Hasslefree Power Armoured Libby sitting in the box of unpainted Blood Bowl stuff for years now.  A bit like Barik Farblast and Flint Churnblade the Libby figure is better suited to the sci-fi DreadBall setting than it is to Blood Bowl anyway, so I modified the football Libby is carrying into something a bit more DreadBall-y and painted her up. Continue reading

Flint Churnblade – DreadBall Forgefather/Blood Bowl Dwarf

Flint Churnblade

Flint Churnblade

Another vintage addition to the Ursa Miner Bruins, Flint has been hanging around the unpainted figure mountain for ages.  DreadBall seemed like a good excuse to get him painted, so I went for it.


Continue reading

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