Judgement Day #11: Justice Dept. Stub Gunner

StubGun1JudgementDay11 A judge equipped with an iconic weapon from the Justice Departments Apocalypse War arsenal today. StubGun4DreddMegaCollection3Cover Continue reading

Justice Department Group Shot

This is the entirety of my painted Mega City Justice Dept figures right now.

I like how they look so far.  I have a number of other Judge figures in various states of progress, but I probably wont get around to finishing them for a while yet (hobby progress is slow at the moment).  So this is the total as it stands right now.

Mega City Justice Department: Street Judges

Street Judge

Another rank and file Street Judge today, this time from Mongoose (complete with irritating piece of sand on he side of his helmet.  It has since been brushed off). Continue reading

Mega City Justice Department: SJS Judge Slocum

Special Judicial Squad Judge Slocum

Judge Slocum was a member of the SJS (Special Judicial Squad: Justice Department internal affairs) under the then head of the SJS, Judge Cal. When Cal took over the Department he used the SJS as his personal retinue. Continue reading

Mega City Justice Department: Med Judge

Med Division Judge Trapper

Another Judge today, this time from Med Division. Continue reading

Mega City Justice Department: Judge Hershey

Judge Barbara Hershey

Judge Barbara Hershey has had a long history in Judge Dredd. Probably the third most recognisable Judge (after Dredd and Anderson and just above Giant or the likes of McGruder I reckon) she is one of the enduring characters in the strip. Continue reading

Mega City Justice Department: Judge Cal

Chief Judge Cal & Deputy Chief Judge Fish

Judge Cal became Chief Judge via questionable means and subsequently reigned over Mega City One for one hundred days in “The Day the Law Died!”.  Unsurprisingly, Dredd led the resistance that eventually toppled Cal. Continue reading

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