Doubletap and Fryota: White Spider War Boyz


Some half life battle fodder and a little doofer grot.

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Blackthumb: Techno Tribal, Positively Primal, Shamanic, Anarchistic, Archaic Revival


The first model of 2017 is this post apocalyptic, wise (alien) man. Continue reading

Brewhouse Bash


Every barfight requires a few improvised weapons.



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Patrick Swayzork


Patrick Swayze

Patrick Swayzork


  • Do those three images make any sense to you?
  • Were you able to watch the movie Roadhouse in its entirety?
  • Does the idea of a boozed up fight between barbarian green aliens in an astro-bar being represented in miniature appeal to you?

If the answer to any of those questions is “Hell yeah!” then read on.  If not, then I really wouldnt bother going any further if I were you.

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Mushrööm Klöwd Tour Bus


All bands need a bus.  Mushrööm Klöwd is not an exception.

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Rogue GorkaMunda Weekend


“The rewards of tolerance are treachery and betrayal (but at least those fishmen have taken the liberty of fertilizing your caviar Sergeant).”

theottovonbismark and I got together to play some daft and highly entertaining skirmish games set in the 40K universe last weekend.


Uzgob proves that there are some high speed pursuit advantages to having ones torso welded to army surplus vehicle parts.

The scenarios were many, varied and unlikely and not a point value was used for the duration.  The games that we played were largely dictated by a desire to use some of the many miniature projects that we have been working on recently.  That meant that theottovonbismarks 1989th Necromundan “Death Ferrets” Regiment allied with Inquisitor Verhoeven, some fishmen and avian scouts in the hostile jungles of Krellborn IX, the Death Ferrets went toe-toe-toe with the Ursa Miners Squat Brotherhood and also got ambushed by orks of the Bigdogz tribe and Vim Petrol babysat Gordon Schumway in a hair raising, high speed collision filled pursuit across the wastelands near Standard Falls.  Hilarity ensued. Continue reading

Confrontation Bounty Hunter/ Blood Axe Human Advisor

Blood Axe Human Advisor

Blood Axe Human Advisor

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