A peculiar bit of alien wildlife weirdness via the Sci-fi Frills and Fauna Kickstarter.

Knowing my enthusiasm for all sorts of 28mm alien wildlife, the proprietor of Krakon Games sent me a preview of some odd, bladder like Cirripod aliens.

I rapidly painted the chunky, heavily textured models with slight nods to alien in the old John Carpenter “Dark Star” movie.  I turned them around fast and they are now ready to perform various roles in my upcoming games.

Unscrupulous hunters disturb a cirripod nest...

Unscrupulous hunters disturb a cirripod nest…



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  1. Space balls? Oh ****, there goes the planet.

    I’ll admit to being tempted by these exact creatures, despite my lead pile and thin hobby budget.

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    • Im conflicted NSA, should I attempt to lead you astray, to spend money that you should perhaps not?

      Or should I just mention that they were nicely cast with very little clean up required and that they painted easily? Ill go with that 🙂


  2. Hell yeah, I want to see your balls in the flesh please. I also want to have a play with my own when Frills & Fauna delivers.

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  3. Looking sharp – time to look at the dangerous plants section of the RT bestiary.

    Are you based in Dublin by the way?

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    • The Cirripods are very suited for use as “Bouncers” from the RT book CK.

      Im in West Cork, so a get together is certainly not out of the question, but would need some planning. Could be fun though 🙂

      Thanks for the feedback!


  4. Cool – I’m backing this KS so great to see ’em painted up and looking good! Lucky boy getting them early 😉

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  5. Nice balls!

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  6. A nice addition to the deathworld flora.Though they look a bit fauna too though.

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    • Thank you Mr Saturday. They are the sort of models that I reckon you might approach painting entirely differently to me and still find it enjoyable.

      Having a couple of Deathworld hazards is a bit like only having access to two miniature buildings: they become boring very fast. Adding more units like this give a larger pool to draw from, with correspondingly more interest and variety transferring to games.

      And they are always fun little projects.


  7. These are cool!

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  8. At least I’m gonna pretend I’m embarrased for liking your balls!
    Seriously, I do love how they look when painted. I was trying to resist this KS, you’re not making it easy!!

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    • Nothing to be ashamed of Suber, my balls are just as beautiful as anyone elses…

      Its a fun Kickstarter Suber. I dont want to lead you astray or anything, but its right up your street I think.


  9. Very nice balls indeed. Nicely textured and,surely morw teeth and eyes inside… I really like this Kicksrarter. I never found the plastic plant offerings in the dollar store alien enough.

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  10. Can’t believe I missed these comments and the oh so subtle innuendo 😀 So lovely work on those pitted, hairless balls!

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    • I used up all the ball jokes when I made the lo-fi version of these out of table tennis balls and puffy paint last time.

      This version was restrained.

      You can take a close look at the scary, wrinkled and swollen items in question the next time you visit Mikko.

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  11. Interested to see you didn’t go for proper psychedelic colours on these, and chose a more muted pallette.

    Nice work.

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    • Thanks Curis 🙂
      I went with the colour description of the Bouncers in Rogue Trader this time. These models are a good fit for those.

      The same colour palette also fits the alien from Dark Star, so I figured that I would just go with that.


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