Terminator Necrons #2

The silver ranks of antagonistic anthropomorphic automata swell today with these Copplestone “Terminator Robots”. Continue reading


Necron Middle Management

In between the more slight Reaper Cyber Reaver and the EM4 Skeleton Robot above squats one of the first official Necron designs that GW made.  The figure was given away free on the cover of White Dwarf in 1998 or so and after recent exhumation made it to the top of my painting list. Continue reading

ED209. But its sort of a Necron. And a Terminator.

“Please put down your weapon. You have twenty seconds to comply.”

This rather dated and crude yet decidedly fun model is a “Chaos Dreadnought” released as part of the GW/MB Space Crusade boardgame in 1990.  I picked up a copy of that game in 1993. Continue reading

T800 Terminators

Continuing with the Skynet-rons, todays bunch of bad ‘bots are the closest models that I have to the endo-skeletal bad guys from the Terminator franchise. Continue reading

Necron Scarabs

These tiny robot drone guys are probably the easiest miniature painting task that I have had for a while.  They look kinda cute anyway I think, despite how straightforward they were to paint.

Plan view. Thats a 20mm base.

In 40k games scarabs are mounted in multiples on large bases to represent swarms.  As these miniatures are intended for use in skirmish games I mounted my scarabs individually.

L to R: GW Scarab, EM4 Skeleton Robot, GW Scarab, GW Necron Warrior

The design of the scarab is only vaguely insectile – more like some sort of generic robot drone thing really – so I can see these models with multiple duties.  They would be suitable as Mega City One Justice Department spy-in-the-sky cameras for example, which might be useful for a scenario some time.

Terminator Necrons #1

As noted previously, I have been experiencing a seasonal slump in my painting routine.  In an effort to jump start the process I decided to get stuck into a quickly painted, high turnover project starting with some Necron test pieces, followed by these ‘bots Continue reading

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