Silver Tower: Ogroid Thaumaturge


The largest miniature in the Silver Tower boxed game is this rather threatening looking gent.


“Oni” from the Street Fighter series.

A yokai in Japanese folklore, the term “oni” translates as something like demon, devil, ogre, or troll.  As the definitions of those sorts of things in miniature wargames and role playing etc go, “demon” is probably the most appropriate description.

A primary goal while working on the contents of the Silver Tower box has been to paint as many of the miniatures as possible to fit in with my Shonen Knives force.  That means looking at the various models and seeing where I can fit them in conceptually with the rest of pseudo Japanese types.


An oni image that I came across on the internet.

The Thaumaturge here fits the oni description pretty seamlessly.

In Silver Tower the Ogroid Thaumaturge is the Gaunt Summoners lieutenant, a sub boss that shows up and can potentially wipe out a party very rapidly.


Edit: I forgot to take a flattering photo of the models back, so I added this taken-at-my-desk snap later.

The model is a beautifully designed kit with a threatening, raging pose that I like.  I was indecisive when painting the figure, going back on some colour decisions and generally making the whole colour scheme up as I went.  This was a mistake as much of the model didnt turn out quite the way that I wanted it to in the end.

All the same, its a large, fun and unique looking model.  I plan to use it in a variety of games, not just Silver Tower.





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  1. Lovely work as always, and the colours look lovely, If I had to look hard and make a guess based on your post, I’d ask is it the hair that you’re unhappy with?

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    • I like the hair actually 😀

      I guess that after staring at the model on and off since early August I grew disenchanted with it.

      Ignore my needy whining and thanks for the feedback Azazel.


  2. Lovely painting on a very nice mini, I think this might be the pick of the Silver Tower set. Can’t figure out why you’d be unhappy about the paintjob – and I’m not saying this as a token compliment! It’s vibrant and effective, and looks like it will fit both Silver Tower and the Shonen Knives project.

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    • Thanks Mikko.
      It just ended up being one of *those* painting experiences and that by the end of it I just wanted to be done with it.

      I’m probably being neurotic, ignore me!

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      • Ah, I know what you mean! Especially annoying if that happens with a nice mini. Anyway, neuroticism aside, it’s excellent 🙂

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  3. Looks good to me. Great stuff and I agree that is one of the coolest models in that box set.

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    • It is an elegant little assembly too. Putting together modern GW monopose plastic kits is fascinating. The way that the elements combine is intriguing and satisfying.
      The final model of the Thaumaturge is brimming with menace too.

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  4. Afraid I agree with the above, I think you’ve done a good job on him. Despite having a fondness for Japanese culture I completely missed the Oni aspect of him till reading your post!

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    • Thanks ejhenries, please ignore my canvas slashing 😉

      The oni vibe from the model is surprisingly strong. As such it fits in with my ninja etc extremely well. I’m glad that you like it.

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  5. Yup, I agree with my esteemed fellow bloggers – you nailed it mate! Looks suitably magical for ST, and a perfectly coloured Oni for the SKs… beautiful 🙂

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    • Thanks Alex, I’ll get over my performance anxiety (AKA “whinging”) shortly.

      The Thaumaturge is fun in Silver Tower, storming around.
      It’s behaviour in-game reminds me a bit of the Cyberdemon from Doom, or at least how I remember it (Doom was a while ago now).

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  6. Wow great colors and nice post

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  7. I am not really able to add more, but I shall give more praise nevertheless. I think the colour choice is very nice and the execution is splendid. I am not sure either, what is wrong with the miniature?

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    • Im just groaning a bit about the elements that I feel should have been painted a little tighter. The highlights are not tight enough and I think that the purple skin should be more nuanced in general.

      Ignore my griping. The figure is easily fit for purpose.

      Next up, the Tzaangor!


  8. It’s a really cracking piece of work. The hair in particular is well done. I presume those tattoos are incised into the model?

    Top stuff.

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    • The markings are recessed into the flesh and while as perfectly designed you might expect from a modern GW sculpt, they are still rather fine.

      Edging them in a more forgiving colour than purple/pink may have made the process more enjoyable.

      But its a fun, finished figure ready to hit the table now and that’s the main thing.

      Thanks for the feedback Mr Kinch!


  9. It’s an impressive job on a model I know I’d struggle with. Large areas of flesh like this but with details like the tattoos and other things mean there are plenty of places to trop oneself.
    It’s a great looking model in the end and one that perfectly conveys the intention you describe.

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    • Thanks A-Man!

      It’s certainly fit for purpose, I would just have liked to have got a more satisfactory return on time invested.
      You know how it is.

      I certainly learned a few things in the process.


  10. I suspect everyone seeing this figure will marvel at the paintjob and be completely unsuspecting that you didn’t enjoy the process. The resulting figure is very striking. Well done for persevering through the process.

    My favourite element is that lovely subtle transition from purple to black at the extremities of the limbs. It adds a real point of interest and stops the purple from being overwhelming. Great job!

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    • Thanks Axiom.

      My first attempt at painting the model involved a similar dark area running down the spine, but I abandoned that in the end due to the difficulty I was having painting the recesses in the skin in a way that I could be happy with.

      I have added a snap of the models back to the post to illustrate.

      The fade does work quote well on the limbs though 🙂


  11. I know how much angst this model caused you, but looking at it without that baggage I can only see another tremendous addition to your Silver Tower set. It’s a gorgeous model too, GW is certainly on the right path these days as far as my interests are concerned.

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    • Thanks Mr S. Coming to magically headbutt your character to death in a dungeon near you soon I hope.

      GW output is certainly of far more interest to me currently than it has been for years. A decent miniatures boardgame is one of favourite things.


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