Legacy Warband Gretchin


I forgot to add this guy to the “miniatures painted in 2015 total” in my last post.  Its a gretchin space pirate that was included in the “Oldhammer Legacy Crew group project.  This guy, along with his twenty seven or so scurvy space dogs are en route to their new owner now.  Check out the link for more details on how the project worked.


The criteria for the model was that it had to be a “space pirate” and it had to have a “turquoise” spot colour.  The model had to be supplied with a plain black base, so that the person who ended up with the lot can base them in a matching fashion.

The model is a plastic GW gretchin with a Maxmini goblin pirate head.  I do like painting greenskins.


2015 = 129 Completed Pieces

I got 128 129 miniatures and terrain pieces ready for the tabletop in 2015, as presented below.  Click on the images for more details:

#1: Cooper

#2 - #7: Drones

#2 – #9: Drones

#10: Firebase

#10: Astropath Yerl

#11: Astropath Yerl

#11: Ptera-squirrel

#12: Ptera-squirrel

#12 - #??: Sci-Fi Construction Crew pt.1

#13 – #21: Sci-Fi Construction Crew pt.1

#21 - #24: Construction Crew pt.2

#22 – #25: Sci-fi Construction Crew pt.2

#26 – #27: Sci-fi Construction Crew pt.3

Refurbished Robots (rebased and tidied up, not counted in tally)

#27: Walter the Wobot

#28: Walter the Wobot

#? KNU7: Renegade Robot

#29: KNU7, Renegade Robot

#29: Clutches of Chaos Captive

#30: Clutches of Chaos Captive

#30: Protester 1

#31: Protester 1

#30: Ex Judge Rico Dredd

#32: Ex Judge Rico Dredd

#31: Protester 2

#33: Protester 2

#34: Renegade Robot B0L7

#35: Roberto

#36: Benny the Bat-glider

#37 – #40: Imperial Assassins

#41 – #44: Marx Cars of the Future

#45 – #50: Zombiesmith “Rides”

#51: Scotia Grendel “Security Grav Car”

#52 – #53: Hover Taxis

#55 – #57: Speed Raceork, Chim-chim and the Mork 5

Stub Gun Judge

#54 – Stub Gun Judge Shaw

#2 - #3: Judge Fear and three mantraps

#58 – #61: Dark Judge Fear and three mantraps

#61 - #63: Sci-fi Protesters

#62 – #64: Sci-fi Protesters

#64 - #67: Divershuns

#65 – #68: Divershuns

#68: Judge Fear Spirit Form

#69: Dark Judge Fear Spirit Form

#69: Gargouille

#70: Gargouille


#71 Dark Judge Mortis Spirit Form

#71-75: Adminstratum

#72-#76: Adminstratum

#76: Renegade Servo Droid

#77: Renegade Servo Droid


#78 – #79: Vinz Clortho and Zuul

#79 - #80: Realmgates

#80 – #81: Realmgates


#82: Dark Judge Death Spirit Form

#83: Patrick Swayzork

#84: Dark Judge Fire Spirit Form

#84 - #99 - Brewhouse Bash Props

#85 – #100 – Brewhouse Bash Props

#100 - 107: Cerebalite Thralls

#101 – 108: Cerebalite Thralls

#101: Rhode Island Red

#109: Rhode Island Red


#110: Cursed Earth Mutant Quaid

#111: Servo Droid VAL-8


#112: Genestealer Test Piece


113: Butler-Bot P3R-C


#114: Ordo Sepulturum Inquisitor Raimi


#115: Cursed Earth Mutant Lazooka Joe


#116: Cassis the Gyrinx


#117: Slann Solo in carbonite


#118: Jokaero

Sector 13 Terrain (Phase One)

#119 – #128: Sector 13 Terrain (Phase One)

EDIT: I forgot to add this model, as it was sent off to the group project that it was part of just before Xmas.

#129: Gretchin Space Pirate

#129: Gretchin Space Pirate

128 129 “items” isnt too bad. About one model every three days sounds alright considering I have to go to work and do all those other dull grown up things. I came off the boil a bit in the second half of the year, largely for a few personal reasons.  I need to watch it though, Im slipping.  I would like this total to be a figure that remains the low point over coming years.  I am hopeful that I can top two hundred this year if I keep my head screwed on a little better.  Watch this space.

I have recently been working on a large number of items that are currently in varying stages of completion.  I hope to finish a few more of those off early this year, hopefully to kick-start output again.

Thanks to all of the regular commentators and contributors.  An individual shout out goes to Mr Saturday with whom I have shared the Judgement Day project with in 2015: long may it continue.

For the sake of comparison, here are the links to previous years tallies and photos:

2014 = 144 finished items

2013 = 192 finished items

2012 = 159 finished items

2011 = 145 finished items



This hi-tech space ape might be my last post of 2015…

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Slann Solo


They’ve encased him in Carbonite.  He should be quite well protected (and part frog)… if he survived the freezing process.”

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Judgement Day Xmas Break


Mr Saturday and I have agreed to take a short break from the Judgement Day project.  With various other commitments at this time of year, we reckon that February first is a good time to pick things up, so Judgement Day #35 will be posted on that date.

The figures below are what we have managed to tag team through for the last while, while also keeping other projects on the boil.

Hopefully you will join us in February for more 28mm Dredd items (although there will be other items here in the meantime too)

Thanks for your enthusiasm for the project in 2015!


Oh Hai Cassis


Eldar Outcast L’Oreal Wangst and newly psychically bonded gyrinx Cassis step from the “Free Candy” onto the surface of Imp.Reg: 450-495 “Kyaneos” under the watchful eye of Stern Woorning, a squat of questionable honour.

I painted another tiny space cat.

Im involved in an online RPG with some toy soldier buddies at the moment.  Its a lovingly prepared framework of shenanigans with the express purpose of encouraging us all to try to make each other laugh, in spaaace.  My character – L’Oreal Wangst: Eldar Outcast psychically bonded with a gyrinx recently, so I decided to paint one to match.

This was of course engineered by the GM, who knew that if he put a space cat in the game that I would go for it and that I would likely paint a model for it.  So I was either manipulated in an embarassingly transparent fashion or it was simply a win/win situation.  I choose to see it as the latter.


Cassis the Gyrinx. The photo is a bit grainy, sorry. Its a tiny model though: thats a 20mm diameter base.

“Cassis” was the smallest miniature feline that I could find in my “Familiars” box.  I cant even remember where I got it (if you know then please comment).  I think that its technically a “vampire cat”, hence the larger teeth than usual, barely visible in the grainy photo above.  Frankly the teeth are barely visible in hand either…


G.I.N.G.E.R, Steeljaw, renowned dreadball coach Mr. D’Arcy, ships gyrinx on the “Dirty Doubloon” Mr Scuttle, Paul, Friskers, Rampage.

My space cat miniature usual suspects to date are shown above (click the image to make them easier to see).

Judgement Day #33: Mutant with Bazooka


… or possibly “lazooka”, it depends.  “Mutant with large laser weapon” covers it one way or another.  Actually, lets just call him Lazooka Joe.


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Ordo Sepulturum Inquisitor Raimi


The third Inquisitor to join my toy soldier ranks is this retro looking gent, Inquisitor Raimi.

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Judgement Day #31: Butlerbot P3R-C



A straightforward submission this time, P3R-C the butlerbot.


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Genestealer Test Piece


Genestealers are planned for an upcoming project.  This guy is the prototype, the painting patriarch in some respects.

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