Silver Tower: Tzanngor


Beastmen of Tzeentch with a hint of tengu.

Edit: the photos on this post are more than a bit dodgy.  Ill do better next time, honest.


A tengu.

Tzeentch is associated with avian themes, so Tzeentchian beastmen are largely birdmen rather than the traditional goatmen.  But they retain bestial horns.

Somehow the Citadel miniature designers managed to make that mash up of influences look good too, kudos.


Another tengu, this time with the beak motif having been converted into the long nose look.

As I am tying this Silver Tower project in with my mythical, pseudo Japanese project, it dawned on me to treat the Silver Tower Tzaangor(s?  I dont know what the plural is) as tengu.


A tengu as shown in “47 Ronin” (2013)

Tengu are a type of yokai or kami in Japanese folklore, traditionally with human and avian characteristics.  Over the years the original beaked face has often been turned into the Pinocchio nosed, red face that you may be familiar with.

Each look is as legitimate as the other, but the more bird like face is both more interesting to me and more appropriate for what I am doing with these models.

A poorly composed shot of all six painted.

A poorly composed shot of all six painted.

The Tzaangor equipment isnt terribly Japanese looking really, probably closer to Chinese than Japanese I think.

For these purposes Im happy to assume that the tengu have their own culture and traditions, at least partly independent of other local (imaginary) cultures.  Which means that using these models in my Shonen Knives is perfectly acceptable to me, and quite fun too.


Another poorly composed and cropped, but at least visually vibrant shot, this time including the Ogroid Thaumaturge alongside.

I painted the Tzanngor in the scheme associated with the army and with the models in the Silver Tower project.  When mixing models from many sources in a force, it pays to keep a tight rein on the palette.

Im not sure what I will paint for Silver Tower next, but I think that it might be the scuttlings.


16 Responses

  1. These are surprisingly teng…y? tenguy? Anyway, I like how you’ve kept the colour scheme, these tie in nicely with the big fellow. This is becoming quite the board game!

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    • Thanks Mikko, Im glad that you like them.

      The game itself is a lot of fun for various reasons. It has reinvigorated the part of me that enjoys a dungeoncrawl and the various oddball bad guys and “Heroes” that hang out in that sort of setting. Naturally, the next step from that has been to acquire more from other sources…

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    • The word is “tengooey” 😉

      I love your purple, as always.

      Liked by 2 people

      • Thanks for the lexicon update and for the compliment NSA 🙂

        I have painted almost nothing but models featuring a lot of purple for the last calendar year, so I have improved at painting purple I think.

        Its still tricky though. Still lots of room for getting it better I think.


  2. The Tzaangor are a very interesting development in the beastmen lineage – they’re so completely different to the RoC Bob Olley sculpts, that they might almost be different things entirely. But I think this avian-derived look is a significant improvement. The figures are striking, unnervingly odd and very nicely posed.

    The paint scheme works very nicely on these. I like the little flash of white with the loincloths, and the lovely horn and beak colours. Great job!

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    • Im glad that you mentioned the white actually, as I think that it really works with the models. Its also very mildly suggestive of the ancient Egyptian visuals that run through the Tzeentch style, which is so subtle as to be non existent I suppose, but it pleases me.

      They are very well designed models technically and conceptually. The Tzaangor could very easily have ended up looking ridiculous, but they have a sinister and deadly chimeric vibe instead.

      Thanks for the feedback Axiom 🙂


  3. These are beautiful mate, and I use that word quite deliberately. They are great models of course, but your SK colour scheme just suits them so perfectly.

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    • Thank you Alex.

      I think that there are a lot of elements that contrast and harmonise pretty well, but possibly my favourite element is the gloss black armour plates.

      Something about that really pulls it together I think.

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  4. Excellent! I think these models look great, which is a testament to good design as the concept of them does not sound promising. nice work.

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    • Thanks Warburton.

      As you say, when I head goat/bird/man hybrid in baroque armour, I wasnt too hopeful. Instead they are likely my favourite models in the set.

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  5. Wow, love these – would go well with a theme song by Hendrix (Purple Haze” of course. Great avian theme.

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    • On some level, there is even a Prince vibe to the style and obviously colours on the models… although that might be reaching a bit 😀

      Thanks for the feedback Mark 🙂

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  6. The Tzaangor are probably my favourite models from the box. I can’t think of a model I’ve wanted to see made executed so well, and outstripping my own mental image of what I wanted to see.

    These are excellent. The colour choices are stellar, I found myself coming back to the images several times to look at the armour and weapons.

    Liked by 1 person

    • They are exceptionally well realised concepts, going from something that I figured would be low down my list of interests to far higher.

      Im glad that you like how they turn out Mr Saturdays. Lots of themed dungeon bashing to be had soon I hope


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