Judgement Day #27: Cursed Earth Mutant Quaid


Fallout fluctuated freedom fighter.

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Judgement Day 23: Judge Fire Spirit Form


The last of the four Dark Judge spirit forms finally completes my set.  Thats a project that has been on and off since 2011 finally finished.  Huzzah.

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Judgement Day #17: Judge Mortis Spirit Form


Another roughly head sized submission for Judgement Day today, the spirit form of Judge Mortis.

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Judgement Day #15: Spirit Form Judge Fear


Judgement Day #15 represents the inevitable result of Judgement Day #13 colliding with the MC1 Justice Department.


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Protesters #3, #4 and #5


“What do we want? Apathy!  When do we… ah whatever.”

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Judgement Day #13: Judge Fear


Gaze into the face of Judgement Day #13, Judge Fear.
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Judgement Day #9: Bat-glider

Batter1 Todays Judgement Day entry is a citizen turned perp via the accoutrements of his hobby, all the while rocking quite the moustache. Batter2 Continue reading

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