Fantasy settings require treasure, so I put together some treasure markers.

Objective markers for miniatures games are often neglected.  As nothing really sets the tone of a battle game more than what the tiny people are fighting over, I thought that it would be fun to get a decent number of them prepared for my Frostgrave and Dragon Rampant games with my growing Shonen Knives force.

The painting on these is quite rapid in places, which resulted in a slightly varying level of finished quality.


Six of the ten markers are from the Frostgrave Treasure tokens set.  In order to tie these in with the others I added them to the 30mm bases that I used on the other markers.

Each marker in this set has a single item on each, a book, a phial, a pile of coins, a scroll, a ring and an odd looking item.  The odd looking item is based on a historical find of undetermined function, connected with the “Sutton Hoo“.

Whetstone or sceptre?

Whetstone or sceptre?

The real life historical piece has traces of paint on grey stone.  I painted it as those remnants imply it may have looked originally.

I like the single ring marker.  In 28mm its more like a bracelet, but magic rings change size to fit the wearer.  Thats magic science.  The glow effect is a bit crude, but its good enough.

Like almost every other objective counter in this post, I have embellished the bases with extra items, bags and helmeted skulls etc from Ristuls Extraordinary Market, in addition to the occasional other piece that I happened to have lying around.


The chest is a piece from a Citadel Lord of the Rings set from the 2000s that was donated by PB a long time ago.  I repainted it a bit and rebased it.

The pentagram is from Black Cat Bases.

The large gilded skull is also from Ristuls Extraordinary Market and the Egyptian looking piece next to it came from Black Cat Bases.  I drilled out the eyes and added a pair or tiny purple plastic jewels as “eyes”, but they dont show up that well in the photo.

Most of the markers have had tiny bits of gold glitter glued here and there on the gold parts, in addition to tiny plastic gems added here and there.  Apparently they are nail decoration supplies, I dunno.

I bought a cheaply priced set of tiny gems and glitter from The Dice Bag Lady/Bad Squiddo Games.  It contained sufficient flashy bits to turn my games room into a deleted scene from Priscilla Queen of the Desert.


This one is a not-Necronomicon, largely based on the grimoires depiction in the Evil Dead franchise.  The book doesnt have a bone spine in the Evil Dead, yet at least.  Its a magic book, maybe it grows the spine every second Thursday or whatever.


I overdid the red mouth on my version, making it a bit goofier than I intended.  I may go back and change it some time, maybe.


Yeah, its a massive book. Such is 28mm.

The model came with a lectern.  I wanted to use that, but I didnt want the lectern to be carried around with the book in game.  I know that making a distinction for that is unnecessary really considering what the other markers represent, but it bugged me here.

I therefore magnetised the book and the lectern and prepared another base with a magnetised green stuff base for when some unlucky guy is carting it around.


On a recent trip to Paris I found a set of resin counters in a bargain basket.  I think that they were for the Eden game, but I cant remember.  I decided to use the coin covered marker and the amusing food marker in this project.  I added a helmeted orc skull to the pile of coins.

I added a barrel and a crate (Ristuls Market again) to the food marker, as they also had food sculpted on them.

I think that the food counter is my favourite of the pieces featured in this post.  I dont recall ever painting a tiny wheel of cheese before.  Cheese, sausages, bratwurst, a cup cake, a roast bird, donuts, a slice of cake, a croissant and a bar of chocolate made it an interesting item to paint.

Irritatingly, my camera had trouble focusing on these counters for some reason. Bah.

Hiro and Kaneda were pleased to have found the extra dimensional summoning icon for Mistress Mizuki. It should be plain sailing from here...

Hiro and Kaneda were pleased to have found the extra dimensional summoning icon for Mistress Mizuki.
It should be plain sailing from here…

A doggie next I think, or maybe a dwarf, or maybe a hobbit.


18 Responses

  1. Great treasure, and I recognize that old GW ninja!

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  2. Very nice 🙂

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  3. Brilliant – and kudos for going the extra magnetic mile on the book!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I try to work smarter, not harder on my toy soldier projects – there are many ways to overcomplicate things and get bogged down – but I figured that it was worth it in this case.

      I subsequently bought another model book on a model lectern, but its attached, so I cant even extend the logic to that piece. But in this case it was worth it.


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  4. It contained sufficient flashy bits to turn my games room into a deleted scene from Priscilla Queen of the Desert.

    You now owe your readers a photo of yourself standing on a giant shoe, in a ballgown. Or, y’know, whatever fabulous means to you 🙂

    These markers are really nice. I like the variety of objects and themes, and of course the paintjobs are great.

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    • Who told you about that photo!? TELL ME!!!

      I wish I had a photo of myself like that actually. Some day. Better get prioritising.

      Thanks for the feedback NSA!


  5. Woooow! Truly spectacular!!

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  6. Great bit of work Paul, & your right about objective markers been over looked which is as shame as everything on the table either addes or takes from the game.

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    • I agree completely Panama.

      As objective markers are the precise reason that all of those 28mm lives are being lost, they deserve more attention than a numbered poker chip.


  7. I cannot stres senough the importance of a good food marker and yours is full of well cooked items.
    this pleases me immensely

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    • Although I doubt that FAT TOM is a top priority in the fatalistic environment where my little guys exist, it still pleases me to spread knowledge of basic kitchen hygiene where possible.
      I mean, if those sausages were raw, then that would be disgusting.

      Thanks for the feedback A-Man!


  8. Most excellent. Really like that some of the markers have a ‘backstory’ such as the mysterious item one. I think they all came out excellent and really will enhance your games. Also an excellent idea to have the Necronomicon ex Mortis magnetised. The food market is lovely and I think that kind of stuff really adds to the whole gaming experiments, it also gives an inspiration for dinner…

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    • Fighting over the same chalice, chest and crown in every game is dull. Adding a few more items to the rotation helps to keep things interesting and prompts in game narrative.

      Plus its fun and interesting to paint slightly unusual items like cheese wheels and cake from time to time.

      Thanks for the feedback daggerandbrush!


  9. Best miniature grilled sausage paint job I have ever seen! 🙂 Scrumptious!

    Also like the old Michaelangelo a few posts back – very nice!

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    • Thanks!

      It was fun working out how to paint the sausages. Experimenting on the fly really and surprisingly satisfying.

      Mikeys brothers will be along in due course Phreedh 🙂

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