The Thinktank: Tentacle Brain Transport

Brain APC

The Thinktank

I have been having fun with ridiculous b-movie evil brain alien models recently, as documented here and here.  Although I would happily add a few more fun miniatures to the force, I dont “need” to add any further for now.  I did however want to give my Tenebrainians some sort of transport vehicle. Continue reading


Almost Famous

I opened up the Warlord Games newsletter last Friday and saw my own miniatures looking back.


This was a surprise to me.  By and large Warlord covers gaming eras and genres beyond my personal gaming remit, so I tend to skim the newsletter rather than pore over it.  But recently Warlord took over production of Mongooses Judge Dredd range and with pre-orders of the new rulebook going up they decided to put some photos of my figures from their forum up as a promo.

Warlord Page

I got a kick out of it 🙂

Imperial Fleet Officers

Imperial Fleet OfficersL to R: Admiral Leopold Horatio III,Commodore Thaddeus Borlase-Arlington

Imperial Fleet Officers
L to R: Admiral Leopold Horatio III,
Commodore Thaddeus Borlase-Arlington

These two guys are made by Ramshackle games.  I have painted them to function as some sort of fleet officers or officials in my skirmish games, but they will serve double duty as politicians or planetary governors as required.  The current iteration of the Imperial Guard rules for 40K has an “Officer of the Fleet” option and they would serve well in that role too I think. Continue reading

More Brain Aliens


I painted some Ramshackle Tentacle Brain models recently.  I enjoyed painting the figures a lot and I liked the uncompromisingly daft pulp sci-fi look that they had, so I added some more brain and tentacle related models to the group to turn them into a larger skirmish sized force. Continue reading

Squat, Assassin, Navigator

L to R: RT Assassin, the first  Squat, RT Navigator

L to R: RT Assassin, the first Squat, RT Navigator

I painted these three figures as part of a recent trade with a LAF member.  The new owner will be basing the figures himself to match Continue reading

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