Silver Tower: Knight Questor

Knight Questor Paulo Ringseeker of the Chamber of Justified Ancients

I had intended to paint the Tenebrael Shard or the Dark Aelf Assassin for my upcoming Silver Tower game, but I decided to paint this guy instead.

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Silver Tower: Slop and Blot


The first two completed models for my Silver Tower project are these two Familiars, Blot (the book) and Slop (the fish).

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Oh Hai Cassis


Eldar Outcast L’Oreal Wangst and newly psychically bonded gyrinx Cassis step from the “Free Candy” onto the surface of Imp.Reg: 450-495 “Kyaneos” under the watchful eye of Stern Woorning, a squat of questionable honour.

I painted another tiny space cat.

Im involved in an online RPG with some toy soldier buddies at the moment.  Its a lovingly prepared framework of shenanigans with the express purpose of encouraging us all to try to make each other laugh, in spaaace.  My character – L’Oreal Wangst: Eldar Outcast psychically bonded with a gyrinx recently, so I decided to paint one to match.

This was of course engineered by the GM, who knew that if he put a space cat in the game that I would go for it and that I would likely paint a model for it.  So I was either manipulated in an embarassingly transparent fashion or it was simply a win/win situation.  I choose to see it as the latter.


Cassis the Gyrinx. The photo is a bit grainy, sorry. Its a tiny model though: thats a 20mm diameter base.

“Cassis” was the smallest miniature feline that I could find in my “Familiars” box.  I cant even remember where I got it (if you know then please comment).  I think that its technically a “vampire cat”, hence the larger teeth than usual, barely visible in the grainy photo above.  Frankly the teeth are barely visible in hand either…


G.I.N.G.E.R, Steeljaw, renowned dreadball coach Mr. D’Arcy, ships gyrinx on the “Dirty Doubloon” Mr Scuttle, Paul, Friskers, Rampage.

My space cat miniature usual suspects to date are shown above (click the image to make them easier to see).




“This Fall, hes gonna hide YOUR nuts for the Winter….”

(rating TBC)


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GINGER: Cyber-Gyrinx


I like cats, I like robots and I like miniatures, ergo I present G.I.N.G.E.R (General Intelligent Nullification and Galactic Exploration Replicant)

GINGER is my entry into the “Future Wars Painting Club” on LAF.  The model is a “Robo-Cat” from Crossover Miniatures.  Its quite a titchy little thing.

GINGER assists Inquisitor Verhoeven

GINGER assists Inquisitor Verhoeven

Big Billy and Crackers: Troll and Parrot Space Pirates


Skabsquigs Skallywags add some muscle (and a tiny bit of aerial reconnaissance) today.

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Fiddy Teef: Ork Freebooter Kaptin (and Mr Scuttle)

Kaptin Fiddy Teef and Mr Scuttle

Kaptin Fiddy Teef and Mr Scuttle

Yo ho ho me buckos, its time fer da Kaptin of Da Dirty Doubloon to take to the poop deck, an’ no mistake! Etc.

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Friskers the Gyrinx



A pink, bat-winged cat from Beastface Miniatures.

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“Steeljaw” the yellow psychic space cat (gyrinx) above is todays new model.  It was sitting 90% complete on my painting table for the last year or so.  I finally got inspired to add some stripes and finish its pelt last week while I had some off white on the palette.  That makes four of the little space scamps that I have painted to date (including Mister Darcy, my DreadBall Offensive Coach who I forgot to picture here for some reason).


I should hopefully have some more substantial figures finished over the next few days, but ill health is scuppering my schedule at the moment.  Ho hum.

Dryad Familiar

Dryad Familiar

“Stumpy” – Dryad Familiar

I painted this tiny little fella on a whim a week or so ago.  Its another Reaper Bones miniature, this time some sort of woodland spirit or alien stick insect sort of thing.  Like most familiars, its quite small.

"I think that the little guy is trying to tell us something..."

“I think that the little guy is trying to tell us something…”

Although the miniature is presumably designed to be used as some sort of magical, dryad sort of creature, I hope to get around to using it as some sort of camouflaged alien species in a future game.

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