Deathworld/Alien Flora & Fauna Project

I am working on a number of model extra-terrestrial plants and animals for reasons explained HERE.  All of the posts relating to the project can be seen under the appropriate tag, HERE.

As I complete elements over time I add links to the blog posts concerned to the list below.  This list is mutable as it gets subjected to my whims and inspirations, but usually that means that its gaining entries rather than losing them.

The largest element is the jungle itself.  The post about that is HERE.


Each individual listing has a descriptor of its source in parentheses after its title.  In some very generic cases (eg “dinosaurs”, “giant insectoids”) I havent listed a source.


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  1. […] Alien Flora & Fauna Project […]


  2. […] Alien Flora & Fauna Project […]


  3. Love that you’re working your way down the list. Followed! Make sure you update as you go along. 😀


  4. […] Deathworld/Alien Flora & Fauna Project […]


  5. […] Deathworld/Alien Flora & Fauna Project […]


  6. Quite keen to see what you come up with for grox, I feel like a herd would be appropriate for some rt style grox-rustling but have never found the right mini. Cheap plastic ankylosaurus maybe?


    • Grox rustling has been on the to-do list for many years, but like you I have found getting the right models for it difficult. I have a lot of ankylosaur toys but I think that they would require a head swap to get them looking properly alien.
      Its definitely something that could be managed, but now that I am the proud owner of a sizeable herd of Dungers (see link above), I sort of have my miniature space cattle herd requirements met: in game terms they would be identical to grox really.

      The idea of something that looks like the illustration in RT does appeal though, and these plastic guys are calling out to me…


  7. […] Deathworld/Alien Flora & Fauna Project […]


  8. […] and an attempt to paint at least one miniature for each alien and warp entity in Rogue Trader. It’s been done before, and definitely better, but it’ll be a fun endeavour. Up first, some classic Citadel […]


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