The Men/Orks/Squats Who Would Be Kings/Nobz/Hearthguard


Colonial wargaming in the grim darkness of the far future.

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The clearing of half finished models from the painting desk before the close of 2014 continues.  Treading the line between Dr. Bunsen Honeydew and some mogwai fed after midnight are these Brainboyz, ready to lead ork armies into a more intellectual era. Continue reading

Mushrööm Klöwd: Steev Tylork and Klem Fandangork




These items have been sitting near my painting table since July, waiting as other projects got bumped ahead of them in the painting queue.  The Gods of rock demanded their completion before the close of 2014 however… Continue reading

Mushrööm Klöwd Tour Bus


All bands need a bus.  Mushrööm Klöwd is not an exception.

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More Skabsquigs Skallywags



Another mob of hornswagglin’ bilge-rats a-ready to voyage cross the stars ter Ferrograd, where they be a-searchin’ fer booty!

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Deadzone Marauders #2


Its been seven months since I posted my first batch of Deadzone Marauders.  Three more have since been sitting on my painting table in a 90% finished state, but I managed to finally get them completed alongside the first of Skabsquigs Skallywags over the weekend.  So today I have another three space orx mercs finally finished. Continue reading

Skabsquigs Skallywags: Mr Killgore and Da Swabz



The first chunk of my space ork, space pirates in space project, Skabsquigs Skallywags will scrape the astro-barnacles off your rudder, an’ no mistake! Continue reading

Notorious G.I.T.

Notorious G.I.T. and posse (note the slugga).

Notorious G.I.T. and posse (note the slugga).

I finished painting Notorious G.I.T. (centre) and another cool looking gretchin-of-the-line (far right) the other day.

The duo barely warrant their own post to themselves really, although I do really like that plastic gretchin kit (its simple to assemble cool little characterful models that are great fun to paint) and I do try to record everything hobby related here.

Seeing as the G.I.T. (“Gitty”/”Giddy” to his friends) has a magnetised triumvirate of firearms, I figured that I might display that feature if nothing else.

Slugga swapped for implausibly huge shotgun...

Slugga swapped for implausibly huge shotgun…

Originally the box of plastic gretchin was intended to be suitable for use as Rebel Grots in GorkaMorka games.  As such I wanted to make one of the models stand out as the boss, so I made sure that he wore some huge jewellery and wore a baseball cap.

Gold Left Front Tooth

Gold Left Front Tooth

I then magnetised the little guys right fist and a corresponding slugga, shoota and kannon.

...and finally an old 1980s (maybe early 90s) plastic shoota/bolter for some retro chic.

…and finally an old 1980s (maybe early 90s) plastic shoota/bolter for some retro chic.

I have since bought many more gretchin models, more than enough to cover a differently armed mob leader in games, but its sort of fun having the silly magnetised guy anyway.

The G.I.T. has yet to see any action, but I am sure that when he does he will leave an impression.

Gretchin Zero/Pulp Gobbo



Last year I bought a number of the Goblinaid miniatures that can be shoehorned into my own projects.  The first of my Goblinaid gobbos to be painted is this guy, Bob Murch’s “Pulp Gobbo” (played by Alec Baldwin in the eventual movie).

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Ninja Goblins from Space



Some bigger, faster, stronger gretchin and their sensei-shepherd today.

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