Gorim Ironstone – Dreadball MVP


Mr Ironstone is a forgefather star striker, shown here in his Ursa Miner Bruins strip. Continue reading


Wildcard – Dreadball MVP


I was in a bit of a quandary about painting this figure.  Its obviously an homage to Olivia Wildes character “Quorra” from the nice-to-look-at-it-but-bloated-dull-and-directionless TRON Legacy movie.   More or less every version of the model that I have seen painted looks like the photo below: Continue reading

Ursa Miner Bruins – DreadBall Forgefather Team

Ursa Miner Bruins DreadBall Forgefather Team

I painted up a medium sized force of space dwarfs last year and I named them the “Ursa Miners“.  With a Forgefather team to paint for Dreadball I decided to use more or less the same colour scheme simply because it was easier than coming up with another scheme from scratch.  I named the team the “Ursa Miner Bruins” to differentiate the sportsdwarfs from the military types. Continue reading

Slippery Joe – Dreadball MVP


Joe here is a named character available to marauder teams in Dreadball.  As goblins dont normally play in the position of Striker, Joe is unique.  He also has a huge moustache. Continue reading

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