Barik Farblast – DreadBall Forgefather/Blood Bowl Dwarf


Barik Farblast

Barik is a 2nd edition Blood Bowl Star Player who overcame his racial inability to throw the ball satisfactorily by using a (surprisingly high tech) bazooka.  The models clean lines are quite a contrast with more recent Blood Bowl dwarf miniatures (which tend to look like Warhammer miniatures with their weapons clipped off rather than sportsfolk).  I think that the figure probably fits in better with a game of DreadBall than it does in Blood Bowl. Continue reading


Cialis Cowgirls – DreadBall Cheerleaders #1

Bambi, Tiffany & Candi.

Bambi, Tiffani & Candi.

Most Blood Bowl figures are a bit too fantasy looking to be suitable for use in DreadBall.  DreadBall miniatures are also a bit smaller than the GW heroic 28mm that Blood Bowl figures conform to, which also limits compatibility.

Those restrictions dont apply as much to the second edition Blood Bowl miniatures range.   Continue reading

DreadMill I – DreadBall Tournament

I organised a DreadBall tournament that took place last weekend.  With the aid of couple of other enthusiasts who managed the scoreboard, adjudication and facilities, DreadMill I took place last Saturday and went off pretty much without a hitch.  The venue was a renovated mill (now a hostel) where the local gaming club operates from, hence “DreadMill”.


Nine of the ten competitors. “Athlete” number ten is behind the camera.

Continue reading

“Swatters” Published


I did some playtesting on the above miniature rules set earlier this year (accounts of some of the games can be seen here).  It was fun and it was a pretty painless way to get a lot of older figures back on the table for the first time for years and make some “pew pew” noises.



If you like the Ganesha rule sets and you have an interest in any of the sort of thing that this blog covers, then I can heartily recommend Swatters.  Even if you are not familiar with the Ganesha rulesets, the PDF only costs USD$8 so its worth a punt if you already have access to appropriate miniatures.

You can get the PDF here.

DreadBall Season 1 Summary

DreadBall Season 1

DreadBall Season 1

 2013 is turning into DreadBall year at Sho3box Towers.  Since January I have got the following models painted, all of which are DreadBall figures: Continue reading

John Doe – DreadBall MVP

John Doe - Nameless DreadBall MVP

John Doe – Nameless DreadBall MVP


John Doe (not his real name: his native tongue is unpronounceable by homo sapiens) is the final MVP from DreadBall Season 1 that I have finished.  It is also the final DreadBall Season 1 figure completed, making it a milestone.

I have added a lot of pink to the colour schemes on my DB miniatures. When I painted Coach Renton with a black/pink/green scheme reminiscent of a Mega City 1 character a couple of weeks ago I liked the look of it, so I used a similar palette on John.  The model has a Mos Eisley, tentacle-face vibe, but the vibrant uniform moves it a bit away from the dusty brown Tatooine fashions..

There is a full team of these guys – the “Nameless” – due out later on this year.  I will likely paint the full team in the same scheme.

Rekall Rentokillaz – DreadBall Veer-myn Team


The final team from my first batch of DreadBall figures, a pack of sporty, space rat-men sponsored by Rekall Incorporated. Continue reading

Reek “Payback” Rolat – DreadBall MVP

Reek "Payback" Rolat

Reek “Payback” Rolat

“Payback” is the veer-myn specific MVP from DreadBall Season 1.  The veer-myn team consists entirely of strikers and guards and Reek Rolat is a star guard.  As such he is a bit bigger than the regular veer-myn guards, who are in turn larger than the strikers. Continue reading

Dean Cain Presidential Shield – Dreadball Trophy

The Dean Cain Memorial Shield

The Dean Cain Presidential Shield

A trophy model was supplied as an exclusive miniature in the first DreadBall Kickstarter shipment.  While sort of fun, miniature trophies are something that I have avoided adding to Monté Figuero before now: I figured that I would never get around to painting them.  As painting every scrap of DreadBall stuff that I am supplied with has become something of a personal goal, I gave the trophy a very, very quick paint job the other day. Continue reading

Renton – Dreadball Coach


Renton here is a DreadBall coach.  The figure may be a Kickstarter exclusive, but I am not sure.  Its a modified version of the Corporation Major-General model released last year, with weapons removed and a few things altered/added (a mobile device, a pointing hand and a new head). Continue reading

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