Colony 87 Kickstarter

A friend of mine (“axiom” from Magpie and Old Lead) is running his second “Colony 87” Kickstarter.


Miniatures painted by “Asslessman” from the “Leadplague” blog.

I dont tend to promote Kickstarters on this blog too often, but…

  1. it is a friends project
  2. the promotional figures are painted by another friend (“Asslessman” from Leadplague)
  3. the models are aimed precisely at folks like me, so readers here might like them too.

Also of note is that if you missed the previous C87 Kickstarter there is another pledge option to get the original six figures, which are equally beautiful designs and sculpts.


Miniatures painted by “Asslessman” from the “Leadplague” blog.

If you like nice miniatures and/or gaming in less militarised sci-fi zones then it really is worth taking a look at these.

Back to the regularly scheduled painted toy soldier posts next time.



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Shonen Knives: Ronin #2

Three Ronin

Three Ronin

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