2014 = 144 Painted Miniatures

I got 144 miniatures painted in 2014.  It is a pretty decent total.


#1 – #3: Ork Deffkoptas

"Give it up for... Mushroom Klowd!!!!!"

#4 – #6: Goffik Rokkerz, “Mushrööm Klowd”

Blood Axe Human Advisor

#7: Blood Axe Human Advisor


#8 – #9: Deathworld Jungle Pods

L to R: Spiker Victim, Spiker, Imperial Assassin

#10: Deathworld Jungle Spiker


#11: Venus Man-Trap

More Man Traps

#12 – #13: Venus Man-Traps

A big ol' pod.

#14: Deathworld Jungle Pod


#15: Deathworld Jungle Pod

#16 – #30: Deathworld Mutant Plants

Venusian Mantrap

#31: Venusian Mantrap

Sedition Wars techno-organic terrain pieces.

#32 – #41 – Deathworld stuff (Sedition Wars technorganic virus things)


#???: nine refurbished Horrorclix miniatures. These could arguably be counted as part of the tally, but I am not going to.


#???: Very, very many jungle terrain bases. Im not going to count these in the tally, but they took ages.

Judge MacO'Conihoonihan

#42: Emerald Isle Judge MacO’Conihoonihan

#43-44: Ork Drummer and Drum Kit

#45-51: Renegade Runtmaster Zodgrod Wortsnagga and Super Runtz/Ninja Goblins

#52: Gretchin Zero (left)

#53: Loor Scout

#54-55: Notorious G.I.T. (centre) and crony (far right).

#???: Carnivorous Sand Clams.  Again, I could arguably include these in the total I think, but Im not going to.

Helga - now with orange trim

#56: shuttle/lander/lighter “Helga”

#57-#68: Campsite

#68-#74: Spine Crystals/Perilium/Kryptonite/Warpstone

#75-#76: Portaloos

#77: Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor Jodorowsky

#78: Tenebrainian Cerebalite

#79: Deadzone Chovar

#80: Yellow Gyrinx

#81: Sensei Ramirez

L'Oreal Wangst

#82: L’Oreal Wangst – Eldar Outcast

#83: Friskers the Gyrinx

#84: Milo the Space Eunuch

#85: Honoured Imperium Marble Aquila

#86: Ursa Miner Cyber-Slayer

#87: Honoured Imperium Marble Space Marine Statue


#88 – #91: Bouncers

#92 – #97: Skabsquigs Skallywags, Mr Killgore and Swabs

#98 – #100 – Deadzone Marauders

#101 – #106 – More Skabsquigs Skallywags

#107 – #108: Kaptin Fiddy Teef and Mr Scuttle

#109 – #114: Gretchin Skallywags

#115 – #121: Dead Body Objective Markers (Judge Death not included)

#122: Mushrööm Klöwd Tour Bus

#123: Big Billy & Crackers, Troll and Parrot Space Pirates

#124: Ash Wastes Nomad

#125 – #127: Rippy Fish

#128: Ambull

#??? – Battle Systems card terrain. Im not including this in the tally, but considering how much time it took to get it to it modular state, I felt the need to document it. It definitely ate into my painting schedule, although I think that it was worth it considering the gaming opportunities that it provides.

#129: Char’lee Krown, alien plant person

#130 – #133 – Dryanids (space tree people)

#134 – Space Santa


#135 – G.I.N.G.E.R., cyber-gyrinx


#136 – Space Skeleton

#137-139: Steev Tylork, Klem Fandangorkk and the NoyzKraft Kustom 200 sound desk

#137 – #139: Steev Tylork, Klem Fandangorkk and the NoyzKraft Kustom 200 sound desk

#140 - #141: Brainboyz

#140 – #141: Brainboyz

L to R: Avaran Treebeast, Yndij Reaver, Convict Grogan Thug

#142 – 144: Avaran Treebeast, Yndij Reaver, Convict Grogan Thug for DreadBall Xtreme

Some of the items in the tally are small, quickly painted affairs while others are far more significant in terms of their size and the corresponding resources that they demanded.  I figure that those differing subjects balance out in general, so each counts as “one thing” in my total, whether its a tiny cat miniature or a big shuttlecraft.

Although the work that went into preparing the Deathworld jungle was very significant and a number of items from that project feature, I didnt count anything that essentially amounts to an unpainted/prepainted item that was glued to a base and subsequently textured.  The jungle was a lot of work and required all my free time for a couple of weeks, but most of the elements do not really constitute painted miniatures.  It is a fine line though.

Similarly, the Battle Systems card terrain took ages to punch out and assemble into a modular state.  That time was all hobby time that I could have spent painting (and frankly I would have preferred to spend painting) but it doesnt show up here.  Work on terrain is definitely worth it of course, but getting the balance right is tricky.

The total output is down ~25% a bit on last year, but I knew that 2013 was exceptional in terms of turnover.  I had a slow down, not quite a total slump in output from around August until late November due to a variety of mainly good real life things taking up my time.

Paradoxically some of the extra time that I spent gaming with these and other models ate into time that I could have spent painting, which is a weird conflict of interests.  The gaming side of things was busier for me than usual this year, which is great.  A few different factors contributed to that (Pulp Alley, getting together with the O’Hammerers, extra enthusiasm from my oldest gaming buddy PB, the trip to BOYL and the games that I played with the guys at that, the Sector Six Crossover project, a few other things).  Best of all is that many of those games played had literally been on my to-do list since 1988, so the year was one of the very best in terms of gaming really.

Finally, posts containing my painting tallies for previous years can be seen via the links below.  They show changes in painting style and subjects and a slight improvement in photography (I think) in addition to experimentation that didnt always work out, but its all there if any of you fancy taking a look.

2013 total: 192

2012 total: 159

2011 total: 145

Thanks to anyone who has taken the time to comment on my toy soldier-y corner of of the internet over 2014.  I have a whole load of other projects in various stages of production that should start to materialise very soon, so hopefully I will get to chat with some of you again in 2015.

Happy New Year!




The clearing of half finished models from the painting desk before the close of 2014 continues.  Treading the line between Dr. Bunsen Honeydew and some mogwai fed after midnight are these Brainboyz, ready to lead ork armies into a more intellectual era. Continue reading

Mushrööm Klöwd: Steev Tylork and Klem Fandangork




These items have been sitting near my painting table since July, waiting as other projects got bumped ahead of them in the painting queue.  The Gods of rock demanded their completion before the close of 2014 however… Continue reading

Fan Service

Mosha, Smash, Basha and Ziggy explore D minor while waiting for Steev Tylork and the sound engineer to get back from rehab.

Mosha, Smash, Basha and Ziggy explore D minor while waiting for Steev Tylork and the sound engineer to get back from rehab.

Yesterday Asslessman over on Leadplague posted up an image of a Rogue Trader themed civilian model that he has been working on.  Its a fun conversion of an old Citadel fantasy drunk model with the addition of a Walkman and some 80s rocker stylings.

Of particular interest to me is that the retro futuristic rocker turns out to be the sectors number one fan of the galaxies least punctual glam/death/prog/speed metal band, Mushrööm Klöwd.

Space Metalhead by Asslessman at Leadplague.  Click on the image to check out his post.

Space Metalhead converted and painted by Asslessman at Leadplague. Click on the image to check out his post.

Continue reading

Space Skeleton: Citadel LE9


Mr Saturday recently sent me this fun old model and last weekend I decided that getting it painted for the LAF “Future Wars Painting Club” would be fun.   Continue reading

Inquisitor/Pulp Alley: Shore to Ship

The Foaks get militant.

The Foaks get militant.

The follow up to the Lost in Translation game that I documented a little while ago, this installment features swarms of motile plant monsters, irradiated reptile-bugs and knee-high mechadendrite whipping cyborg monstrosities all competing for spaceshipwreck salvage.
Continue reading

GINGER: Cyber-Gyrinx


I like cats, I like robots and I like miniatures, ergo I present G.I.N.G.E.R (General Intelligent Nullification and Galactic Exploration Replicant)

GINGER is my entry into the “Future Wars Painting Club” on LAF.  The model is a “Robo-Cat” from Crossover Miniatures.  Its quite a titchy little thing.

GINGER assists Inquisitor Verhoeven

GINGER assists Inquisitor Verhoeven

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