Mushrööm Klöwd Drummer

Mushrööm Klöwds latest drummer.

Mushrööm Klöwds latest drummer.

Although the miniatures have had an appeal since their release, it took me until late least year to finally get a set of Goff Rockers painted.  While I was quite pleased when I finished painting those disciples of rock, Mushrööm Klöwd was still missing a few things, a drummer at the very least.

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Emerald Isle Judge

Judge MacO'Conihoonihan

Judge MacO’Conihoonihan

This goofy character is a Judge from the post-nuclear, futuristic theme park remnants of Ireland in the Judge Dredd setting.  Continue reading

Oldhammer Man-Date

L to R: Skeltork/theottovionbismark, Inq. Verhoeven/cheetor-sho3box, Fimm Warrior/Mr Saturday, Orko/Just John

L to R: theottovionbismark, cheetor-sho3box, Mr Saturday, Just John (reconstruction)

theottovonbismark and I recently arranged to meet some strange men that we had been talking to on the internet in a public place.

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