Camping with Bugs

Two items today: Necromunda Milliasaurs and some dog tents from Renedra.

I picked up the set of dog tents from the Renedra stand at Salute along with another item.

Although I already have three feral, teepee type tents painted up I wanted to have models that represented tents that might feasibly be moved around easily, either on a models back or on the saddle (animal or vehicle).  Although the models dont take up a lot of space, they are cute little gaming props that help to create atmosphere.

The Mutie faction in Gorkamorka doesnt use forts, being more nomadic in their behaviour.  The original (stupidly named) “Digganob” supplement for (the equally stupidly named) Gorkamorka came with a set of small cardboard tents to represent the Mutie encampment, but they were lost or squished in some house move or another over the years.  These cute little plastics will be a durable and very serviceable replacement.

Painting the tents was fast.  I didnt want to spend much time on them so I painted the pegs metallic (that suits the Gorkamorka setting better than wooden pegs and stopped the models from being 100% shades of brown) and then washed the entirety of the models with GW Gryphonne Sepia, twice.  I then washed them again with GW Devlan Mud and finally painted some black ink into the door flap edges.  Very quick but perfectly ok for what the models are.

The Milliasaurs are creepy crawlies from the GW Necromunda setting.  Like my Ripper Jacks and Giant Rats, they were originally supplied as servants of Necromunda Wyrd Beastmasters, who could use them to do their amoral bidding.

I gave the Milliasaurs a quick drybrush followed by a coat of Tamiya Clear Red on the chitin areas.  It gave a nice cockroach sort of look I think.  I did a tiny bit of detailing on the teeth and spines too.

They are creepy looking figures.  The guy rearing up would stand at about 150cm in real life, which would be a pretty appalling thing to find at the door of anyones tent I reckon.


Da Bigdogz – Gorkamorka Mob #4: Vintage Cybork, Yoofs & a Boy

A Yoof, an Armoured Boy/Cybork and another Yoof

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Giant Rat Swarm

These guys were assembled primarily for Necromunda games back in 1998, but I didnt get around to painting them until 2009.  I finally went back to them to add just a little bit of detail and take some photos this year.

As all Electric Six fans living in the current pre-apocalyptic era know, only robots, cockroaches (and probably Lidl) will survive the upcoming Armageddon.   Before you ask, zombies dont count as “surviving”.

My own in depth research has also revealed that there is a good possibility that mutant, dog-sized rodents will live on in the undercities and eventually spill in huge swarms onto the irradiated plains above.  Probably.

In Necromunda the tribal native human “Ratskin” faction (which I will eventually get around to painting) survive in harmony with their destroyed environment.  Part of this involves their nomadic lifestyle, with the Ratskin braves following the migrating swarms through the ruined industrial landscape.

Hi-freakin-larious in other words and way too good a gaming opportunity to miss.  Cue the theme from “Rawhide”.

Denim clad Foundry punk Nancy objects to being used to demonstrate scale…

I put together the swarm from the rather cool mutant rats from Necromunda, a load of eighties giant rats from GW, a few of the plastic giant rats that were first seen in Warhammer Quest and a handful of the titchy rats that sat on the Heroquest furniture making a total of 31.

The best figures are easily the Necromunda guys visible in the first photo, although a couple of the larger metal Warhammer guys are cool too.

I have yet to get around to playing my “Rathide” cattle rustling scenario in the depth that I would like.  I did run a prototype Rathide game of “Mutants and Death Ray Guns” testing the idea with MT back in 2009 though.

More post apocalyptic rat related miniatures are available at Megaminis HERE (post apoc ratmen) and at Black Cat Bases HERE (mounted post apoc ratmen).  Those guys are on my (gigantic) shopping list…

Da Bigdogz – Gorkamorka Mob #3: Motive Cyborks

Deluxe Kickin Legs and Traks

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Da Bigdogz – Gorkamorka Mob #2: Frankenork, Boyz & Yoof

Continuing coverage of my Gorkamorka project, here are some more ork boyz.

The guy on the right in the shot above is quite amusing to me.  For some variety in painting I decided to make a Frankensteins Monster ork. Continue reading

Post Apocalyptic Vehicles

Some post apocalyptic wheels today.  As two of these sat around with just a black spray coat on them for the last year or so, I got a kick out of getting them finished last weekend 🙂

Whilst painted to be suitable for use by any of my PA figures, these resin models from Ramshackle Games are primarily going to be used as the vehicles for my “Bigdogz” ork mob in the post-apocalyptic Gorkamorka setting.

The vehicles were each painted in straightforward single colour schemes.  Largely this was to minimise confusion in game terms by aiding easy  identification.

I was tempted to add some more rusty areas but I as I wanted the vehicles to look battered but serviceable, rather than disintegrating, I held back a bit.

As I wanted to use the vehicles for non-ork-centric games as well as GoMo, I avoided too much obviously ork styling, even going so far as to add some more traditional sci-fi trappings like bar-code licence plates.  I like the implication that while these vehicles are obviously pretty rugged and heavily abused, that they exist in an environment that still has some more advanced tech, somewhere.

The weapons mounted on the vehicles are interchangeable mini turrets, attached by magnets.  I made them from various gun parts that I had access to.  Each weapon is mounted on a plastic disc which is glued to a washer.  The washer then sticks to countersunk magnets on the vehicles.  Simple but effective and convenient.

No. 7 above is a cute design I think.  It looks rugged and reliable.  Nothing fancy but able to take a pounding.  If I were stuck in a mehcanised post apocalyptic wasteland I think that of the three vehicles here, this is the one that I would choose as most likely to extend my lifespan.  The enclosed cab would help with radstorms, mutie marauders, ripperjack swarms and the like.

No 4 is a peculiar beast.  Its a fun looking vehicle I think, but I think that I need to add “something” to the paint job:  it is lacking a focal point.  Its perfectly adequate for use as it is but there is something missing and I cant put my finger on what that missing thing is.

No 3 is my favourite of the three.  Not as reliable as No 7, but streets ahead in terms of cool.  Of these three vehicles, this is definitely the road warriors choice I reckon.

Da Bigdogz – Gorkamorka Mob #1: A Nob, a Yoof & two Boyz

My main project in production (rather than in the research and resource acquirement phase) is a mob of orks primarily intended for use in Gorkamorka.  

Gorkamorka is a Mad Max-esque post-apocalyptic bumper-car fest where everyone is an ork and therefore largely immune to incoming bullets.  The plan is that this premise will provide much hilarity.  Heres hoping 🙂

To that end I have bought some orks and added them to the other ork figures that I already had in storage.  They are currently all in various states of WIP but the end results will look a lot like like the Bigdogz shown here.

A Nob and a Yoof

I spent some time working out a colour scheme and painting plan for these guys that would be both effective and easy to reproduce quickly.  Details of that process can be found here and here.

Suffice to say that a look that was reminiscent of Mad Max II was at the forefront of the process.


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Fort Grayskull Part 6 (Final)

Parts 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.

1/4 of the finished Fort ready for some Gorkamorka.

With Fort Grayskull finally finished I thought that I would put up shots of the finished elements.  The photos could be better (there is a bit of fish eye going on because I forgot to change the macro setting on the camera), but they should illustrate adequately. Continue reading

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