Deadzone Marauders #2


Its been seven months since I posted my first batch of Deadzone Marauders.  Three more have since been sitting on my painting table in a 90% finished state, but I managed to finally get them completed alongside the first of Skabsquigs Skallywags over the weekend.  So today I have another three space orx mercs finally finished. Continue reading


Skabsquigs Skallywags: Mr Killgore and Da Swabz



The first chunk of my space ork, space pirates in space project, Skabsquigs Skallywags will scrape the astro-barnacles off your rudder, an’ no mistake! Continue reading

Sector Six Crossover

This weeks special guest stars...

This weeks special guest stars…

Sho3box Towers received a sub-space transmission from the Governor General of Sector Six a while back.  The Governor documents a narrative driven, regular series of games on his blog that that I enjoy reading.

Purely for the sake of fun the Governor proposed that we each play a handful of games that key off each other and document them in each of our blogs.  An added element would be a Flat Stanley sort of arrangement that would feature some of my miniatures guest starring in the games featured on the Governors blog and vice versa.  As the Governor is based in the USA and I am based in Ireland it added an extra play-by-mail element that made it sound like an entertainingly different project to get involved in, so I happily agreed.

The Ambassador Blanche-Andres of Sector Six, incognito.

The Governor set the scene with a little foreshadowing in his Secret War II: The Trap post and set things in full interstellar motion in Secret War III: Missed Rendezvous.  Those developments led to regular Sector Six protagonist Ambassador Sophie Blanche-Andres shedding her formal diplomatic attire for her less familiar black ops wardrobe.  The Ambassador then made the long interstellar journey from Sector Six to the last known location of Ordo Xenos Inquisitor Vladimir Verhoeven, the jungles of Krellborn IX

Batrep to follow.

EDIT: The three games played as my part of this project are:

The final game, taking place over at the Governor General of Sector Six blog is:



Not the thick-necked gentlemen performing security duties at a venue, but a peculiar bit of Rogue Trader alien wildlife weirdness with some lo-fi execution.  Hold on to your valuables, here we go…

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Honoured Imperium Marble Statue


After painting the Marble Aquila last week, I figured that I should really paint the statue that came with it before I forget how to do it.  The weather is a bit cheery and upbeat for the grimdarkness of the subject, but as we dont get clear skies here that often I decided to take an outdoor shot anyway.

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Squat Cyber-Slayer

Ursa Miner Cyber Slayer

Ursa Miner Cyber Slayer

Ostensibly an addition to my Sensei crew for some upcoming games, this lovely Bob Olley sculpt will end in in a number of other games too I suspect.  Continue reading

Marble Aquila


Some themed terrain for my 40K skirmishing, with particular reference to upcoming Sensei/Highlander games. Continue reading

Space Eunuch

Milo: Space Eunuch

Milo: Space Eunuch

Direct from a 1980s vision of future dystopia comes Milo: Space Eunuch

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Friskers the Gyrinx



A pink, bat-winged cat from Beastface Miniatures.

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L’Oreal Wangst: Eldar Outcast

L'Oreal Wangst

L’Oreal Wangst

“My space elf has no nose.”

“How does he smell?”

“Like a healthy, affluent woman after a week long spa treatment.”

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