Shonen Knives: Ronin #1


Im not certain whether this figure is supposed to be an ashiguru or samurai (or something else) but for the purposes of this post, he is a ronin.

Im still working out how I will translate the palette through the various miniatures that I have lined up for the Shonen Knives project, so I painted this guy alone, rather than as part of a batch (unlike the batch painted ninja and samurai recently).  Im pleased with how he turned out though.


The Aly Morrison sculpting really is gorgeous, his characterful face was a treat to paint.   Its hard to tell if he is just a straightforward bad guy, an anti-hero or some down on his luck guy with a shady past that gives his life to save the widow and her kid by killing loads of proper dirtbags in front of a burning house at the end of the movie, if you know what I mean.  Thats perfect.  I find it rare to see so much expression in a 28mm figure.


A post with a slightly higher head count soon I hope.


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  1. Wow! This is an amazing sculpt, the face is really something else. You’re not kidding that it has character to burn. And he could easily mix with your ninjas, or against them. Maybe he needs a baby carriage?

    PS: my latest blog post is a bit of an homage to one of yours… Apparently “Judgment Day” posts are contagious…

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    • Thanks! The model really is incredible facially. Its cartoony, but thats something that I desire in 28mm. Undeniably I think, it works fabulously on this guy.

      I have numerous old Morrison sculpts to work on for this project (and the Dredd project too actually) and Im really looking forward to them after this guy.


  2. I can’t believe how expressive his face is. The 5 o’clock shadow really gives you a sense that he’s a morally dubious character. I wouldn’t trust him!

    The kimono is a very nice understated pattern. He’s a fine addition to this project 🙂

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    • Probably my favourite of the lot so far I think Axiom, thanks 🙂

      The kimono is understated, to see how minimal I can make it so that it can be repeated as necessary. Plenty of time and opportunity to make more complex designs if required.


  3. Ya Dancer!

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  4. He’s a real beauty mate, love that kimono, and what a face! Bang-tidy.

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  5. Will the counted heads be stacked at the feet of the Ronin Knives, or on their shoulders? Looking forward to it, either way. Nicely done. He is a lovely model.

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    • Thanks David, Im glad that you like it.

      As it happens Im planning some severed head markers to add to these guys over the course of the project. More decapitatory updates as they happen!


  6. Shonen Knives, rather. I seem to have been infected by his Roninishness.

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  7. It’s all about the face it just draws you in the great paint job helps but the detail in the face is fab.

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    • It was one one of the most enjoyable toy soldier faces to paint that I have come across. It has whet my appetite for more Aly Morrison faced models from the era.


  8. He’s a real character. I can just see him wiping his mouth with his hand before throwing his sake cup over his shoulder and swaggering out into the street to teach this newcomer a lesson.

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    • Thats what I want from my toy soldiers, little tropes that suggest narrative, background and character all by themselves.

      This guy has it in spades.

      Thanks for the feedback Mr S!


  9. Excellent painting on his garments. The little designs really add some interest. Naturally the face is awesome, too. The guy actually reminds me a bit of Gargamel from the smurfs. Should you have a second one you should make a conversion!

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    • Ha ha, he does look a lot like Gargamel 😀

      I may keep the Smurfs project for my second Frostgrave warband… although bizarrely, that wouldnt be a bad idea in its own way.

      Thanks for the feedback!


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