Judgement Day Xmas Break


Mr Saturday and I have agreed to take a short break from the Judgement Day project.  With various other commitments at this time of year, we reckon that February first is a good time to pick things up, so Judgement Day #35 will be posted on that date.

The figures below are what we have managed to tag team through for the last while, while also keeping other projects on the boil.

Hopefully you will join us in February for more 28mm Dredd items (although there will be other items here in the meantime too)

Thanks for your enthusiasm for the project in 2015!


Judgement Day #31: Butlerbot P3R-C



A straightforward submission this time, P3R-C the butlerbot.


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Judgement Day #29: VAL-8


Unlike me, VAL-8 is programmed for endless toil.

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Judgement Day #27: Cursed Earth Mutant Quaid


Fallout fluctuated freedom fighter.

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Judgement Day #25: Rhode Island Red


“Rhode Island Red”, a mutant that featured in a single story, “The Fear That Made Milwaulkee Famous!” from Judge Dredd Annual 1981.

Well, one person ends up calling him that a number of times.

One “nobody” does end up using that term a number of times over the course of the story.

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Judgement Day 23: Judge Fire Spirit Form


The last of the four Dark Judge spirit forms finally completes my set.  Thats a project that has been on and off since 2011 finally finished.  Huzzah.

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Judgement Day #21: Judge Death Spirit Form


“Closer Louisss, jusst a little closer…”

Non-corporeal Deadworld head honcho floats in, stage right.


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Judgement Day #19: Renegade Servo-Droid


A servo droid who just cant take it any more.

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Judgement Day #17: Judge Mortis Spirit Form


Another roughly head sized submission for Judgement Day today, the spirit form of Judge Mortis.

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Judgement Day #15: Spirit Form Judge Fear


Judgement Day #15 represents the inevitable result of Judgement Day #13 colliding with the MC1 Justice Department.


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