O.C.P. Patriots – Dreadball Corporation Team


I  finally finished my first Dreadball team, the OCP Patriots, a genetically pure human team. Continue reading




The latest (and slightly incongruous) addition to my skeleton robot/Necron/Terminator project is this robotic dog, Toby.


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Dean Cain Presidential Shield (inaugural)

The Monsanto Mutants ("marauders" (orx & goblins)) take on the Cronea Crushers (Forgefathers (dwarfs))

The Monsanto Mutants (“marauder” orx & goblins) take on the Cronea Crushers (“forgefather” dwarfs)

A number of my gaming group invested in Dreadball during the Kickstarter campaign last year.  The game itself and the first batch of associated miniatures arrived just before Xmas. Continue reading

Dreadball Referee



This fem-bot (?) is the referee from the Dreadball sci-fi sports game, displayed alongside a pair of balls.  As every single game of Dreadball played uses the Ref and a ball I figured that they should be the first things painted for the game, with my first team to follow. Continue reading

2013 Plans

2012 was productive for me hobby wise, with a pleasing amount of miniatures and terrain pieces assembled and/or painted over the year.  I also managed to get a decent amount of gaming in, both tabletop miniature games and board games.  I hope to continue these trends into 2013 and so I am sketching out a rough plan for this year.

Its impossible to say which of these projects will get priority as the year goes by.  Also, unexpected additional projects usually creep in as different rule sets, books, films, tv shows, video games etc draw my attention.  That said, by this time next year it is likely that at least some of the projects listed below will have been tackled in some form or another.  A little uncertainty here is fine with me: while I want my hobby to be productive, it isnt a job.




I got in on the Kickstarter for this miniature based boardgame last Summer and the figures started to arrive just before Xmas.  I have only played one quick game to learn the ropes so far, but the rules look promising.  A number of the people that I game with have invested in Dreadball to some extent so there is a lot of enthusiasm for it and we have a inaugural session coming up very soon.  Fingers crossed that the rules hold up for that.

I am currently working on my first team which should hopefully be painted and ready to go on time for that first make or break game session.  If Dreadball takes off then I expect that I will get a number of figures painted for this game in 2013, but no matter what happens I will have at least one painted team finished and posted up here soon.



Judge Dredd

Judge Dredd

Although I got very few Dredd related miniatures painted in 2012, I did get a number painted in 2011.  This project is still high on my to-do list, backed by the fact that I have a pat-wagon load of miniatures waiting for attention.

A lot of the miniatures for Dredd gaming will be just as useful in 40K skirmish games as in Dredd-specific settings (the original 40K Rogue Trader was designed with very many influences from 2000AD incorporated into it after all), so that makes those figures that bit more likely to bubble to the top of the list.  Rewatching last years solid Dredd movie next week will also likely reinvigorate this project.



Rogue Trooper


After the success of their Judge Dredd Miniatures Game  Kickstarter, Mongoose Publishing is due to run another miniatures Kickstarter based on a second 2000AD property in late January.  What this means in real terms is that Mongoose have this particular fanboy by the balls, so I am likely to contribute in some fashion to the Rogue Trooper Kickstarter.  That said, I wont be seeing any Rogue Trooper figures until at least the Summer I expect, so this project may not get off the ground this year, even if it cuts a big ol’ lump out of my 2013 budget.

Like the Dredd figures, a lot of my miniatures and terrain pieces for 40k skirmish gaming will fit well into this setting, and vice versa.  In particular the GW Wall of Martyrs trenchworks set that Santa brought me will be ideal to represent some of the battle scarred surface of Nu Earth.



WH40K Skirmish


This is a very broad project that encompasses things like the Space Dwarf, Veer-myn and Necron forces that I painted last year in addition to many and various oddball individual figures that I have waiting for paint.

I have a specific rule set that I plan to use for gaming in the 40k-verse and I already have plenty of suitable terrain and very many suitable figures painted.  I also have a number of interesting individuals and other factions that I want to get painted up for this.  As mentioned already, many of the suitable miniatures and other pieces for this project overlap with the Dredd and Rogue Trooper stuff.  This project rates very highly on the likely-to-actually-get-done-o-meter.



Wasteland/Post Apoc Terrain


I have a lot of PA terrain now and it is the most coherent terrain set that I have put together to date.  I still have a few more bits and pieces that I want to add to it and I hope to get them finished before I start work on my other planned 2013 terrain set.  The wasteland terrain is useful for all three of the planned games mentioned already, so its not going to be wasted effort or anything, but I do want to get the backlog of post-apoc terrain pieces done before engeage in the next terrain set.



Sci-fi Urban Terrain


Sci-fi urban is the terrain set that I have wanted to game over since I first got into the hobby in the eighties.  A number of my other miniatures projects are waiting for this terrain set to come together before they can fully shine (Dredd games in particular are crying out for a nice urban set).  Its a pretty daunting task, but I feel like I might have the resources to tackle it this year.

I want this set to be a non-ruined, non-gothic urban area reminiscent of Mega City 1 and Bladerunner with a little bit of Futurama and The Jetsons in there too.  I have been stockpiling suitable bits of junk for scratch built elements for years and I have also picked up a number of suitable kits and bits of set dressing.

This project is a biggie with some planning required and I dont want to tackle it until the Wasteland/Post Apoc terrain is fully finished.  Therefore I am pretty certain that this project will not be completed in 2013, but I am hopeful that it will get started upon at least.



So thats my hobby 2013 sketched out.  It will be interesting to take a look back at this next December and see how much of it has materialised.

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