Keeping Up With the Carpathians

With two gothic horror vampire themed gaming opportunites due later this year, I figured that I would would play dolls house with my stuff in anticipation, and take some goofy photos… just to get the blood flowing.

Click me…

7TV Dracula promises some heavily themed, genre-savvy, fourth-wall smashing games…

You cannot resist my power…

…and The Carpathians: Castle Fier is a Silver Bayonet expansion that will put some UV-sensitive, blood-sensitive, generally-over-sensitive types in the path of Napoleonic BPRD style special forces.


There is something very satisfying about setting up miniatures and little bits of furniture and (poorly) photographing them. Even better is using a really cleverly designed set of boxes to stand the little scamps around in.

Click me! Click me like never before, you mad, lovesick fool!

I had not come across the Tenfold Dungeon range before a couple of weeks ago. It is intended for primary use with role playing games, but I am hopeful that The Castle set above will work for some of the scenarios due in both of the above releases.
The 20 second video below explains how it works nice and quickly.

I couldn’t resist taking these photos with a Vlad & Izzy and a few bits of Mantic Terrain Crate furniture. That is because in another dimension, not very far removed from this one, I spent my life mucking around with dolls houses, rather than toy soldiers and Star Wars figure.

And no, this isn’t a shill. I paid for the set above (and a few more) and think that it is great. I’m itching to play a game or ten on it.

Vlad was so proud of his Sword of Unholy Power that he often took it out and waved it around in the drawing room.

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  1. Cracking job on the vamps mate, and I’m seriously impressed with that dungeon!! I’m gonna check that out properly later 🤘

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    • Thanks Alex!

      I picked up several of the sets after I got the first one. It is a practical, good looking, modular, ready-to-go solution for a lot of gaming uses.

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  2. Hmm, tasty choices indeed. I love how the minis fit in this dungeon, now I need to see a game in there!! 🙂

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    • Thanks Suber!

      I’m tentatively planning some Silver Bayonet/ Gothic Horror gaming this summer. I’ll be working on sci-fi items until then I think.


  3. Awesome–great stuff 🙂

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  4. I was just talking to my buddy the other day about painting up some vampires for the same reasons. Very inspiring looks you painted up here. I really like the contrast between the pale skin and the red clothing.

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    • Thanks Hobbs!
      I wanted to use the classic vampire palette of red, white and black but also try and take one of the less familiar routes usually taken with these two models.
      They came out pretty well!
      I definitely want to use them in both of the game systems above, and a few more.


  5. That all looks great!

    This is a pretty good read too, if you’ve not seen it:

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