Mushrööm Klöwd Tour Bus


All bands need a bus.  Mushrööm Klöwd is not an exception.


Im going to the Bring Out Your Lead/Oldhammer weekend at Wargames Foundry next weekend.  The event is a retro gaming extravaganza for disenfranchised old 40k farts like me, so I expect that it will be a lot of fun: 40k without the 40k.  I am really looking forward to it.

After Axiom from Magpie and Old Lead put together a pretty slick, Great-Gatsby-in-space ride for his slick Bratt gang, some folks on the Oldhammer forum decided that some sort of game reminiscent of Wacky Races using various vehicles would be a good idea.  I used this plan as an excuse to buy and paint a Daemonscape “Half Track Combat Bus” as a groupie filled set of wheels for my Goff Rockers.


Im not terribly comfortable painting miniature vehicles to be honest, but the fact that this vehicle is a post apocalyptic, bolted together, improvised heap made it easy to cover up some of that discomfort with scruffy “weathering”.  There is definitely room for improvement, but I am reasonably happy with it.


I should be able to get this amusing jalopy on the gaming table with some like minded folks in almost exactly a week.


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  1. This loks amazing!!! Blazing wheels!!!


    • Thanks Johnny. Goff Rock bands are pretty goofy, but I have found the project to be a lot of fun. Mushrööm Klöwd tend to draw a feew smiles wherever they play 🙂


  2. Great bus. Is the turret part of the model or an addition from the bits box?


    • Thanks Danny.

      The bus is unaltered from the Daemonscape kit as supplied, both turrets included. I quite like how the domed turret (is it a “ball turret” I dont think so) manages to give the vehicle both a customised and a WWII look.


  3. Looking good. I’ll have to track that drummer down myself.
    Also, have you seen these guys?:


    • I had not seen those Impact guys Azazel. And just when I thought I was actually finished with the Mushrööm Klöwd project once the two models on my painting desk were done with…

      Thanks for the heads up. Im off to place an order…


  4. Awesome stuff as always. These minis have so much character it hurts and that tour bus just really fits.


    • Thank daggerandbrush.

      Although obviously a pretty goofy concept, even by 40K standards, the Goff Rocker miniatures do have a lot of charm. They were still available from GW that last time that I checked and they are worth picking up I think.

      Like all of the Daemonscape models that I have got to date, the bus is a very decent resin casting, with very little clean up required. Lots of fun to paint too.


  5. I think their first album was better. It hasn’t been the same since they sold out.
    It used to be about the music man.


    • Testify man. I liked Goffik Rock before it was cool and all those post modern hipster wannabes got Mushrööm Klöwd ringtones 😉

      Im going to have to paint a second set of ork rockers now and engineer a fake rivalry between them 😉


  6. That’s a bit good. The boyz are mobile! Great job, the weathering and the glass are stupendous. Did you use weathering powders?


    • Thanks Mr S, Im glad that you approve. MK will be coming to a venue near you this Fall I suspect.

      Im uncomfortable with weathering powders because 1) the mess and 2) that they have to be sealed with a spray (I varnish by hand these days after too many spray varnish related disasters).

      The weathering on this model is pretty rudimentary: Typhus Corrosion here and there, Ryza Rust on top of that where appropriate, dings and scratches in silver here and there and a drybrush of a Raw Sienna acrylic that I use for painting my terrain on the wheels and around the undercarriage generally, to give it a little of that dusty Mad Max vibe.

      I tend to avoid rust effects on my ork vehicles. Battered and battle tested is fine but actually falling apart doesnt fit with what I am looking for from my space greenskins. I made an exception in this case as the vehicle is sculpted with a lot of corroded areas.

      I did spend a little more time on the windows. Its a misdirection thing. The blue starts to pop a little in the colour scheme and gives the battered heap a little life and draws the eye away from the more straightforward painting on the other surfaces, so they are worth a little more effort. I rushed the windows on the Helga and regretted it.

      Thanks for the feedback.


      • It came together very well. Weathering can be easily overdone, but you’ve pulled it off with aplomb here. When you’re painting a mini this large, how do you mount it for painting? Or do you you paint it in sections so you’re not getting fingerprints on your nice new paintwork?


        • I find that mounting things like this for the painting process tends to cause its own problems. I have yet to find a satisfactory way to do it. The nightmare of a large models falling off the thing that its attached to has happened before, so I hold on tight now

          This vehicle is poured as a resin block, but a plug in its manufacture makes it its hollow, so I was able to keep hold of it internally pretty well. I also wore a disposable glove on my left had (Im right handed) which stops greasy sweat from contributing to rubbing things off. Its not ideal, but it worked in this case.

          When I painted the Helga recently I held it in the interior of the cargo section and quickly painted that last. That worked reasonably well. Im far from an expert painting things like this though, vehicles and the like. I dont have a refined approach like I would have for footsloggers.


  7. Da bus looks gorgeous! I concur, you got the perfect point between colour and weathering, top notch work there!


    • Thanks Suber. I think that following through on the silly concept makes the whole lot look better. The painting and weathering on the bus itself is just a matter of following a process, rather than anything terribly arty-farty and ephemeral.

      The models shown above won a prize at BOYL last weekend. “Best Group” or something like that (which in the context of a miniature band I find rather funny), so they seem to be pressing the right buttons 🙂


  8. I’ve seen them live and thought music was rather poor the bassist continued his solo even with a gigantic Killdozer running at him… definitive scene legends in my book.


    • The transformation from dirty garage rock to Bruckheimer soundtrack is almost complete. That said seeing an ork in a top hat riffing at a spiky bulldozer crewed by angry space dwarfs is pretty much why I play toy soldier games 🙂

      Thanks for the feedback Asslessman.


  9. […] then I have made additions to the line up, with a drummer and kitbashed drum kit and a Töör Bus joining the group before I brought the band to the Bring Out Your Lead/Oldhammer event at Foundry […]


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