Doubletap and Fryota: White Spider War Boyz


Some half life battle fodder and a little doofer grot.

Painting Blackthumb a little while ago was very pleasant.  So I have decided to add a few more models to the project and see where it goes.

"Nux" the War Boy from Mad Max: Fury Road

“Nux” the War Boy from Mad Max: Fury Road

The paint jobs on these guys is obviously derived from the “War Boys” in Mad Max: Fury Road.  Before I went any further after painting a specialist like Blackthumb, I wanted to make sure that I painted a bog standard, rank and file type, to get the palette locked down.

The wiry young ork “yoofs” from the GorkaMorka game in the late 90s are pretty much perfect for use as War Boys, for all sorts of reasons.  They are lean, slight, bare chested and bad news.  They are perfect in this role.

Painting the oily eye tattoo/make up is proving to be great fun.  Its one of the final steps in the process and the model really gains character at that point.  Doubletap is gonna die historic on the Fury Road.  He will blow your brains out en route, with a smile on his face.

Coma the Doof Warrior on the Doof Wagon in Mad Max: Fury Road

Coma the Doof Warrior on the Doof Wagon in Mad Max: Fury Road

Im pretty sure that anyone reading this knows all about this already, but if not, then watch Mad Max: Fury Road and come back.  Its pretty special.

“Coma” the Doof Warrior manages to be one of the more memorable visuals in a film that is jammed with incredible imagery.

When digging through my models to see what suits a War Boyz ork project, I found the most perfect model possible staring up at me.

In addition to writing some very funny blog posts about his stupendous toy soldier projects, Captain Crooks is an obsessive enabler, like me.  When he saw a goblin with a flamethrowing guitar at Hungry Troll Miniatures, he immediately bought it and sent it to me about a year ago, the lovable bastard.

It took a year before my wandering hobby eye moved to painting more orks, but when it did, I had exactly the right fig for it.


Coma has a specific look in the movie, with the red long johns, mask and blind, mutant face.  I didnt need to worry about those elements in this case.  Fryota got some red on his guitar to give him some more visual interest.

I didnt add any red to Doubletap, bar his eyes.  Im holding back on using lots of red for now, as an army spot colour of sorts.  And as a kamicrazy warboy, Doubletap isnt that.

Doubletap, Blackthumb and Fryota

Doubletap, Blackthumb and Fryota

Im enjoying this project a lot so far.  Im going to let it be driven by miniatures rather than feeling locked into representing an ork version of the forces of Immortan Joe, but its fun tying it in when I can.


I have some more models for this project on the painting table.  Some of them next time I expect.

Thanks for reading.


22 Responses

  1. Those are awesome! I also suspect that you’ve just sold a whole bunch of those Goblins for Hungry Troll.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Azazel, they are a lot of fun to work on.

      What sort of miniature enthusiast wouldn’t want a horn saluting goblin with a flamethrowing chainsaw guitar?


  2. Very cool, glad to see more of these orks appearing!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Warburton.

      My enthusiasm for the project is still high, so I will do my best to get a number of them finished before I move on to the next thing.

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  3. I can’t tell you how delighted I am with these! I don’t like orks. I don’t like green skin. I do like these monochrome lunatics though!

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s funny that this project in particular appeals to you so much Axiom. I would never have guessed.

      For the record I’m very fond of green orks, some shades more than others.

      But these guys do have a specific charm alright. Hopefully you will get to go toe to toe with them at some point later this year.


  4. These are so bloody cool mate. I’m really loving the theme. I watched the movie a couple of nights ago for the 6th or 7th time it’s so cool. Will you be building vehicles too?

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    • I watched Fury Road for what I think was my fifth time last week as “research”. Although sadly I will never feel the excitement that I got when I saw it in the cinema again, it really does benefit in other ways from rewatching. The production design and direction are both so exceptional that there are scores of little details in every scene that couldn’t possibly be picked up on a single pass.

      The long term plan has vehicles in it, but for now I’m aiming to keep things bite sized and achievable. So infantry for another while I think.

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      • Vehicles would be very cool. I have a whole bunch I want to convert for my Ork Army the Blud Lettas and Mad Max certainly came to mind for inspiration but yeah I have sooooo much to do hehe.

        Liked by 1 person

        • I have several vehicles that have been waiting for years to be bumped up the queue, so they are due some love.
          There are also at least three extra special vehicles that must be tackled early. Im excited about those in particular.

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  5. Awesome!! Love this project soooo much 🙂

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  6. Fury Road is a gift for ork warbands. You’ve pulled off the warboylook with aplomb, it’s a striking look for a bunch of ladz. Looking forward to MOAR.

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    • The Mad Max series has always been an inspiration for orks for me, all the more so post GoMo. The War Boy look looks almost made for the GoMo range though.

      I locked down the flesh tone pretty early. That could easily have gone very wrong.

      More to come 🙂


  7. Words fail me in describing how brilliant this project is.

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    • Not even a “Shiny”? A “Chrome” perhaps? Even a “MEDIOCRE!”

      Its ok Mikko, Ill let you off the hook when you prep a suitable force to fight against it later this year 🙂

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  8. Projects like these will guarantee you a place in Valhalla. You live, you paint, you paint again!

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  9. Those guys are so awesome for so many reasons. LOVE em!

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  10. So, so enormously cool! A full warband in this fashion would be something to see!

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  11. I know it’s been a bit, but I was wondering how you did the oil on the skin? I’m rather new to painting minis and it’s hard for me to pick out.

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