Kommandos #1

There is something about orks that makes them well suited to “pasted on” themes.

Give a space marine a sombrero and he will look like he has unresolved emotional issues… but give a space ork a sombrero on the other hand (or even better, on his head) and narrative starts to shoot out of him like fireworks.

And that’s my badly stretched simile driven lead-in to why late 20th century style S.A.S. orks in Martian camouflage that I wasn’t keen on in 1994 are what I like right now.

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Deadzone Marauders #2


Its been seven months since I posted my first batch of Deadzone Marauders.  Three more have since been sitting on my painting table in a 90% finished state, but I managed to finally get them completed alongside the first of Skabsquigs Skallywags over the weekend.  So today I have another three space orx mercs finally finished. Continue reading

Confrontation Bounty Hunter/ Blood Axe Human Advisor

Blood Axe Human Advisor

Blood Axe Human Advisor

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Deadzone Marauders #1

"Rainmaker" Ripper Suit

“Rainmaker” Class Ripper Suit

I have been painting greenskins over Xmas, with getting a force ready to play Deadzone being the main motivation.  The first of these finished are these two heavily armoured “Ripper Suits” and two of the rank and file Commandos.

"Mauler" Ripper Suit

“Mauler” Class Ripper Suit

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Epic Ork Stormboyz

6mm Blood Axe Stormboyz

Epic / 6mm Blood Axe Stormboyz

“Raz” on the Lead Adventure Forum was working on some Epic Stormboyz, planning to add smoke plumes coming from the jump packs.  I remembered that I had these guys packed away and decided to take a photo for reference.  So I decided to put the photo up here.  I think that they still look cool seventeen years later.

The photo is gigantic by the way, mostly because that way you can see the camo pattern that I painted on them back in 1997 🙂

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