Dinosaur Egg Recipe

An extra-real, 100% organic, roughage filled treat for use as miniature terrain.

Although there appears to be a banana skin to the bottom right of the shot, no bananas are used in this recipe, primarily because bananas are disgusting.

Nutritional Information
Kcal: 428,000
Fat: big-boned
Saturates: moderate to good, with a warm front moving in from the East.
Carb: enet Sauvignon
Sugars: honey, honey
Fibre: Bristol rating 4
Protein: Antitein
Salt: 0.4 pints

Cadburys Mini Eggs
Shredded Wheat
The enthusiasm of gaming colleagues partner

Obtain Mini Eggs
Tell gaming colleagues that you have located suitable eggs for Dinoproof game
Apply peer pressure to force them to make “nests”
Eat Mini Eggs
Dont tell anyone
Buy replacement Mini Eggs
Say nothing
Apply passive aggressive peer pressure to gaming colleague regarding lack of dinosaur nests for game via Facebook and #johnstillhasntgotnestsreadyforthegame
Be humbled as gaming colleagues partner sees this as challenge and prepares twenty delicious chocolate nests including eggs

For best results serve the nests with lightly steamed, jurassic geeks.


More details on this momentous, prehistoric get together at a later date.


Dragon Rampant…er


Bento and Mizuki explain to Takehiko what promotion really means.

  • Do you actively enjoy being in stationery shops?
  • Did you find the advent of affordable home paper lamination facilities exciting?
  • Do you like to match your socks with your underpants?

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Kurîpu Jima: Buildings and Sakura


Once I started painting my Shonen Knives I was soon enjoying it enough to realise that I needed to get some similarly themed terrain.  Kurîpu Jima became the plan.

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Kuripu Jima


Mr Saturday and I have a weekend of hot, sweaty fimir on ninja action planned.  I set up the table this evening and took a couple of snaps.

The terrain is from my expanding pseudo feudal Japanese set, planned to represent the Shonen Knives stomping grounds.  I need a few more elements before I will be entirely happy with it, but considering that a couple of months ago it was nothing, Im still rather pleased.

I plan to go into a bit more detail on the various elements at a later date, but for now I am pleased enough to stick up a couple of photos.

Tengus eye view.

Tengus eye view.

Im not sure that feudal Japan looked quite as suburban as that though.  The fences dont look right and the paddy fields might not make sense their either.  Guidance from those more knowledgeable than I am would be appreciated.

From the 4Ground site (where the fences came from):

“In Shogunate Japan taxes were paid in ‘Koku’ (the rice needed to feed one man for one year), and for this reason ‘Bei’ rice was grown in ‘Ta’ wet paddy fields all over Japan.

During the shogunate period rice was grown in every ‘Mura’ (village), in open wet fields called ‘Ta’, though almost all the rice harvested went towards paying the village tax burden. For themselves villagers grew beans along the edges of the raised paths between their ‘Ta’ fields. They also grew fruit in their small fenced orchards, vegetables in their fenced gardens and other crops were grown in ‘Hatake’ (dry fields), often these dry fields were fenced.

In their gardens villagers grew vegetables according to the region and season, fruit such as oranges, grapes, and cherry as well as plant materials like mulberry, tea and bamboo were grown in their orchards. Village gardens and orchards were fenced by ‘Mura Mokusei no Kade’ (village wooden walls). The dry crop fields were fenced with ‘Mokusei no Kade’ (wooden walls). In these dry fields wheat and millet were grown for their food, cotton and hemp were grown for weaving to make their common folk clothing; as any silk harvested by the villages was only worn by samurai families and the richest of ‘Chonin’ (Townsman).

Village gardens and orchards were fenced by ‘Mura Mokusei no Kade’ (village wooden walls), their village gateways were known as ‘Mura Mokuzo-Mon’. Sometimes if a ripening crop had a particular high value one or two ‘Mizunomi’ (farm labourers) would be posted at the gateway as ‘Moto’ (village gate men) to watch for rogues and thieves.”



Fantasy settings require treasure, so I put together some treasure markers.

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Photo Dojo


I have been streamlining the post production elements of photographing my toy soldiers. Continue reading

2015 = 129 Completed Pieces

I got 128 129 miniatures and terrain pieces ready for the tabletop in 2015, as presented below.  Click on the images for more details:

#1: Cooper

#2 - #7: Drones

#2 – #9: Drones

#10: Firebase

#10: Astropath Yerl

#11: Astropath Yerl

#11: Ptera-squirrel

#12: Ptera-squirrel

#12 - #??: Sci-Fi Construction Crew pt.1

#13 – #21: Sci-Fi Construction Crew pt.1

#21 - #24: Construction Crew pt.2

#22 – #25: Sci-fi Construction Crew pt.2

#26 – #27: Sci-fi Construction Crew pt.3

Refurbished Robots (rebased and tidied up, not counted in tally)

#27: Walter the Wobot

#28: Walter the Wobot

#? KNU7: Renegade Robot

#29: KNU7, Renegade Robot

#29: Clutches of Chaos Captive

#30: Clutches of Chaos Captive

#30: Protester 1

#31: Protester 1

#30: Ex Judge Rico Dredd

#32: Ex Judge Rico Dredd

#31: Protester 2

#33: Protester 2

#34: Renegade Robot B0L7

#35: Roberto

#36: Benny the Bat-glider

#37 – #40: Imperial Assassins

#41 – #44: Marx Cars of the Future

#45 – #50: Zombiesmith “Rides”

#51: Scotia Grendel “Security Grav Car”

#52 – #53: Hover Taxis

#55 – #57: Speed Raceork, Chim-chim and the Mork 5

Stub Gun Judge

#54 – Stub Gun Judge Shaw

#2 - #3: Judge Fear and three mantraps

#58 – #61: Dark Judge Fear and three mantraps

#61 - #63: Sci-fi Protesters

#62 – #64: Sci-fi Protesters

#64 - #67: Divershuns

#65 – #68: Divershuns

#68: Judge Fear Spirit Form

#69: Dark Judge Fear Spirit Form

#69: Gargouille

#70: Gargouille


#71 Dark Judge Mortis Spirit Form

#71-75: Adminstratum

#72-#76: Adminstratum

#76: Renegade Servo Droid

#77: Renegade Servo Droid


#78 – #79: Vinz Clortho and Zuul

#79 - #80: Realmgates

#80 – #81: Realmgates


#82: Dark Judge Death Spirit Form

#83: Patrick Swayzork

#84: Dark Judge Fire Spirit Form

#84 - #99 - Brewhouse Bash Props

#85 – #100 – Brewhouse Bash Props

#100 - 107: Cerebalite Thralls

#101 – 108: Cerebalite Thralls

#101: Rhode Island Red

#109: Rhode Island Red


#110: Cursed Earth Mutant Quaid

#111: Servo Droid VAL-8


#112: Genestealer Test Piece


113: Butler-Bot P3R-C


#114: Ordo Sepulturum Inquisitor Raimi


#115: Cursed Earth Mutant Lazooka Joe


#116: Cassis the Gyrinx


#117: Slann Solo in carbonite


#118: Jokaero

Sector 13 Terrain (Phase One)

#119 – #128: Sector 13 Terrain (Phase One)

EDIT: I forgot to add this model, as it was sent off to the group project that it was part of just before Xmas.

#129: Gretchin Space Pirate

#129: Gretchin Space Pirate

128 129 “items” isnt too bad. About one model every three days sounds alright considering I have to go to work and do all those other dull grown up things. I came off the boil a bit in the second half of the year, largely for a few personal reasons.  I need to watch it though, Im slipping.  I would like this total to be a figure that remains the low point over coming years.  I am hopeful that I can top two hundred this year if I keep my head screwed on a little better.  Watch this space.

I have recently been working on a large number of items that are currently in varying stages of completion.  I hope to finish a few more of those off early this year, hopefully to kick-start output again.

Thanks to all of the regular commentators and contributors.  An individual shout out goes to Mr Saturday with whom I have shared the Judgement Day project with in 2015: long may it continue.

For the sake of comparison, here are the links to previous years tallies and photos:

2014 = 144 finished items

2013 = 192 finished items

2012 = 159 finished items

2011 = 145 finished items

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