Da Captive

Da Captive

Da Captive

When playing Gorkamorka a couple of years ago, I noted that it would be convenient and kinda funny to have a dedicated model to represent “Da Captive” that crops up in a few of the scenarios.  After the days gaming was done, while we sat in the man-cave having a couple of drinks and shooting-the-shit, I dug around and found an old Heroclix “Beast” miniature that had a scampering, tail-between-its-legs look that seemed fit for the purpose.

I forgot to take a rear shot of Da Captive, so here is a shot of the butt-flap while the figure was on the painting table.

I forgot to take a rear shot of Da Captive, so here is a shot of the butt-flap while the figure was on the painting table.

The model was missing its left foot as it had been used to convert this figure, but the scampering pose looked amusing and appropriate for an ork captive.  I added a choppa handle to make a peg leg (a common appendage on GorkaMorka) and a standard ork head.  I also hastily scraped a butt-flap (I dont know what they call those things, but thats what George of the Jungle calls them) into the arse region and added a couple of “buttons”.  And that was where work on Da Captive ceased for two and a half years.


Last December I started working on my ork miniatures again and decided that Da Captive needed to be part of the current wave of ork enthiusiasm.  I painted the unitard that Beast had worn like a pair of long-johns, with the red used in my Bigdogz ork forces appropriate for making the model look like its wearing dirty, somewhat somewhat Western themed undergarments.

It has since been suggested that a prison jumpsuit orange might have been a fun approach too, but I didnt think of that at the time for some reason.  Sticking to the palette meant that the figure got painted faster and as part of a batch anyway, plus the Wild West look of the red long-johns is just as appropriate I think.  An ork in a prison jumpsuit does sound like fun too though.

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  1. Oi! Dat’s My Leg!


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