Work is proceeding on various sci-fi greenskins at the moment.  My current painting goal is to complete my Deadzone Marauder faction, but I have been using the opportunity to work on some of my other orkoids.  I find that working on a variety of miniature styles while using the same palette helps to delay burnout.


I really like these plastic goblin miniatures.  There are hobbyists out there that dont enjoy the oversized faces on Games Workshops orks and goblins, but I really enjoy painting them.



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  1. Plastics? I am not familiar with these guys. Very nice work on the musculature. I think your “expediency” style’s forte is on smaller models.


    • Thanks.

      They are the current plastic set that has been around for s few years, probably since the Black Reach set and the current Ork Codex was released. They are great models and its a great kit. A number of the sculpts are very obviously based on the Brian Nelson grots from GoMo that redefined the look of the species. You have what amounts to metal versions of a couple of the guys that are currently on my painting table.

      When experimenting with ork colour schemes back in 2011 I painted another four of these grots along with an ork. The scheme didnt work out, but I learned something in the process. I plan to go back to those gretchin and repaint their clothes to match the rest of the Bigdogz. I painted the Runtherd that comes in that box later in the Bigdogz project. That model is visible here, although I have since gone back a jazzed up the flesh tones, the basing and the photography on those guys 🙂

      The “expediency” style is harder to get to an acceptable level on wide expanses of flesh, so I put a little more time on these guys than might be expected, although still a lot less time than I spend on one of the orks. It does look good on the gobbos though.


  2. Looking good, I like your greenskin style. The dark/light contrast makes them look mean and brings out the comical side at the same time. I very much like this style of Gretchins, I have a couple of the Gorkamorka models painted for my 40k horde.


    • Thanks Subedai.

      The Brian Nelson style orkoids were a revelation when they appeared. There has been something of a backlash against the style since with some finding the faces too comical and large, but I love painting them. Getting the balance between the Three Stooges elements and the savage green ape-monster elements is tricky though.

      The high contrast thing came about after a lot of trying different methods that took me too long to achieve, but I do like it. Its quite quick to achieve and I like the end result, a win-win.

      Thanks for the feedback 🙂


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