Cooper – Armed Anthropomorphic Arboreal


Its high-calibre, small stature, technically proficient, smart-mouth mammal from space miniature time!


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Inquisitor/Pulp Alley: Shore to Ship

The Foaks get militant.

The Foaks get militant.

The follow up to the Lost in Translation game that I documented a little while ago, this installment features swarms of motile plant monsters, irradiated reptile-bugs and knee-high mechadendrite whipping cyborg monstrosities all competing for spaceshipwreck salvage.
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The next addition to my Wood Elf in spaaaace (and associates) project is these space tree people. Continue reading

I am Char’lee Krown


Motile, humanoid, alien plant-people are hot right now, so I decided to bandwagon jump.

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Eldar Exodite Plans

I am working on Exodites at the moment.  None of the project elements are fully finished yet, but progress has been made.  This post is an exercise in getting a number of my thoughts down in one place, so it might meander a bit.  Here goes…

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Dryad Familiar

Dryad Familiar

“Stumpy” – Dryad Familiar

I painted this tiny little fella on a whim a week or so ago.  Its another Reaper Bones miniature, this time some sort of woodland spirit or alien stick insect sort of thing.  Like most familiars, its quite small.

"I think that the little guy is trying to tell us something..."

“I think that the little guy is trying to tell us something…”

Although the miniature is presumably designed to be used as some sort of magical, dryad sort of creature, I hope to get around to using it as some sort of camouflaged alien species in a future game.

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