Cooper – Armed Anthropomorphic Arboreal


Its high-calibre, small stature, technically proficient, smart-mouth mammal from space miniature time!



So far, 2015 has been rather real life busy for me.  What hobby time I have had has been spent working on as yet unfinished terrain.  I needed to take a break from the terrain factory line though, so I decided to quickly paint this little guy during the week.


The model is an homage to the until-recently-obscure-but-now-household-name, Rocket Racoon.  This Bombshell Miniature depicts the character in an outfit similar to that from the comics, the sort of flight jacket uniform worn by the Guardians of the Galaxy.  It looks more like an item from the Rocketeers wardrobe than the more modern looking onesie that Rocket wears in the movie.  I decided to paint the uniform in an orange colour suggestive of the movie outfit anyway.RocketRender

The sculpting and casting on the model is first rate, with almost zero clean up and crisply defined details.  I cant recommend it highly enough, its exactly what I want from a miniature is very many ways.


I reckon that “Cooper” will be displaying his technological and strategic chutzpah in a gaming meet up planned for a couple of weeks time.  Cooper will be hanging out with Char’lee for certain and is likely to appear alongside L’Oreal, Inquisitor Verhoeven and the Foaks from time to time.






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  1. You just had to mention Rocketeer didn’t you…? Now i feel the need to punch Nazis. Possibly in space. Cooper looks great, just make sure he gets his rabies shot before he plays with the others 😀

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    • The urge to punch Nazis – any variety – is perennial. The concept of the Rocketeer is better than the execution to my limited knowledge of the franchise, but he does have an appealing look.

      Rather than try to get various sub-genres including terrain and the like together to game with, I just tend to mash them into my sci-fi setting. Space cowboys, space rocketeers, space pirates, space… trees: all are welcome and allow me to scratch the itch regarding whether its ninjas or sailors or robots or whatever turning me on at the moment.

      The exception is just adding a gun to a fantasy model. That doesnt count 😉

      Thanks for the feedback Captain!


  2. Excellent work, the orange is especially vibrant. His head should look great mounted on the wall of Jameson’s study!

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    • Thanks John! As for Cpt. Jameson, to misquote a famous gun toting space raccoon, let’s see if he can laugh after five or six good shots in his freakin’ face!

      28mm space raccoon versus space hobbit trash talk, yeah, I went there.


  3. Omg that amazing natural fur coloring. And the warm highlights on the orange suit. What an amazing figure! You really did this great sculpt justice.

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    • Im glad that you like it NSA. It turns out that real life raccoons (I dont think that I have ever seen one) have a lot of variety in how the markings are placed, so I took care to get the patterning on the models face to match the movie version of the character.

      Im practising painting orange in a way that suits me at the moment. I have yet to find a way to get it done as quickly as I would like and I am not 100% happy with it yet either, but it worked out well on this little guy. Orange is an evocative colour often associated with science fiction, often in combination with white, so I want to add a go-to technique to my toolbox.

      And y’know, Zardoz.


  4. Very characterful and beautifully painted as ever. I love the subtle fur markings around his eyes 🙂

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    • Thank you Axiom. As I mentioned above, getting the patterning to look the part was more about researching the subject than anything too technical in application. I am pleased with it.

      The subject is probably a little too far in the Jetsons direction for most of your slightly less tongue in cheek projects, but I see a creeping urge to add similar more light hearted elements to your ongoing projects – like an alien pet shop – so who knows? Join us…


  5. That’s an eclectic bunch of space duded you got building there. The racoon is tremendous. The fur is superb, and the orange gives it a zesty pop! I look forward to blowing his smart mouth off the table.

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  6. That one is absolutely gorgeous, seriously. As everyone’s pointing out, you made a lovely work with colours here. Well done!

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  7. Thanks MrS. Bunch of eclectic space dude assembly is the name of the game at chateau sho3box. I laugh at the notion of your slobbering freaks getting their act together enough to lay a claw on Coop. theottovonbismark will foul up your plans one way or another, again 😉


  8. He’s so cute lol

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  9. Terrific painting as usual. I like the contrast between the naturalistic fur colour and the bright orange clothes.

    Is the miniature a new sculpt to ride on the back of the 2014 movie? Or is it an older one just picking up a lot of newer interest?

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    • Thanks Argentbadger. With treepeople and anthropomorphic forest dwellers showing up I am trying to make sure that the miniatures still have a bit of a sci-fi vibe where I can manage it – I dont want Wind in the Willows in Space if I can avoid it, although its a fine line at this stage. Next up for these guys will be some robots and drones I think, to anchor them in a technological environment.

      The miniature was sculpted, produced and released in the second half of 2014 AFAIK. It seems to be based on the design from the comic rather than the movie though.


  10. As said on LAF – sooo good!

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  11. I love the racoon. Looks more menacing than the comic book version. as usual your painting is top notch, can’t say anything else or even critique anything, it just looks awesome!

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    • Yeah the open mouth is surprisingly more threatening than might be expected on a character like that. Im looking forward to getting a few games in with it.

      Thanks for the kind feedback daggerandbrush 🙂


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